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TOTLB 082 For Sure!

What is going on Longbox listeners!! Episode 82 is out and ready for your listening pleasures!!
Our #popcultureclassic for this show is the 1982, Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, Conan the Barbarian!! We talk about this “cult classic” with 1 sequel done, and 1 coming sometime in the future!!

Our first interview for this episode is the awesome comic book artist Ryan Dunlavey!! “He is best known for drawing the humorous non-fiction graphic novels Action PresidentsThe Comic Book History of Comics and the Xeric Grant and ALA Award winning Action Philosophers, all co-created with writer Fred Van Lente.” He is funny and there might be someone hiding in his closet!

Our second interview comes from the one and only, Jonathan Blackshire! For those who don’t know, Jon hosts his own podcast, the LAMMP Show podcast! Jon is the one who send us all of the hilarious voicemails that we get! We recorded a segment that worked both for his show and our show, leaning more towards music, as that is what the LAMMP show is all about! “The LAMMP Show is a music podcast that gets musicians together for every episode to form a band for a day. Each musician leads the group through song and discussion and we explore the depths of music, philosophy, news, and hilarity.”

Remember, you can ALWAYS let us know what you think! We can only think of so many things to talk about every other week, and would LOVE to get some feedback and ideas from all of you out there who are listening!! You can send mp3s and email to our email address. Also, join the conversations on our Facebook Page and Twitter Page. Also, if you have good feedback, please leave it for us on iTunes and Stitcher!! That’s one way to help us climb the ranks into podcast glory!! You can ALSO leave us voicemail!!! Call the Michael Kuyrk memorial 970-573-6148 and leave us a hilarious message!!!
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Credit – Jonthan Garnett, Juan Muro, Gabe Llanas

Floppy Copy – Old Man Logan

Blind Man Hawkeye, Incestuous Hillbilly hulklings, Homicidal Moloids, that’s right bitches its Old Man Logan. Oh yeah, a Symbiote Infused Savage land T-Rex chasing the Spider Car… As far as Wolverine stories go this ones pretty much the tits!

Aquarium for Hats president and long time member Mysterio straight grows a pair in this “What” If comic arc Hornswoggling Wolverine and unleashing the Adamantium laced claws of truth, justice, and the Canadian way on the X-Men themselves.

Right off the bat yes, this story has some plot holes, pretty glaring in some areas as well, but do me a favor, please…
Just don’t be that fucker! You know, the guy always looking for every little thing that doesn’t match up, or isn’t laid out just right. Now this is the Willy Wonka Boat Ride of Wolverine Story’s ending in all out betrayal by Hulk and his inbred swine, unleashing the Adamantium laced claws that he has sworn off for so long. If you haven’t already read old Man Logan, well you should totally do that! Go on now, get, John at your local Hall of Justice Comics can help you out with this run as well the on-going title by same name.

Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high Take a look, it’s in a book, a Reading Rainbow!
Wolverine Cuts Red Skulls head off with Captain America’s Shield.. Thats right Get, read this bitch!
5 Outa 5 Marthas and you know this son!

You Listen to What? – Dub

You Listen To What? Dub
Gabe listens to some weird ass kinds of music, and he would love you to hear it too. Weekly Gabe will share a playlist of some genre of music that you may or may not have heard of. Give it a listen and then give us a call. Did you love it or hate it let us know on the Michael Kurk Memorial Hotline at 970-573-6148
I have felt like shit for the last few days. Just laying sick in bed, feeling like death warmed over, and sometimes the only thing that gets me through a bout with the illness is a little bit of that chilled out sound. I know you always hear me talking about punk and metal on the show, but life can’t always be about political angst and hatred for your fellow man. Sometimes you just need music that feels like the medicine head you have from to much NyQuill.

So sit back relax and take a trip with me into the spaced out Afrofuturist world of Dub. Not that crappy version of EDM, Dubstep, that stole its name from the reverb and loop heavy version of reggae that came to be in the 60’s. Dub is born from DJ’s wanting to put their spin (pun intended) on the reggae music that was filling the dancehalls of Jamaica. Much like the birth of hip-hop reggae DJ’s would “toast” over instrumental versions of their favorite albums, and then when they had the chance to take their music into the studio they added tons of reverb and loop building, and soon a new genre of reggae was born.

By the early 70’s Dub was it’s own full-fledged sub genre of music. With musicians like Lee Perry and King Tubby not only making original dub music but also “competing” against each other with remixes of each others albums. This deliciously spaced out music made for the perfect head nod and swaying dance of hot clubs in the Jamaican summer, the music itself evoking the heat and a optimistic look at a spacey future among the stars for and African diaspora. It is hopeful and easy going music that carries on more into Jungle EDM than Dubstep.

This week I have twelve Dub tracks for you to get weeded to and chill out. Or if you are sick like I have been all week, just take to much cough medicine and stare at the ceiling like a dope. I started the list with an example of how Dub started with Max Romeo’s Chase the Devil, followed by Lee Perry’s Disco Devil (a dub mixdown). At the end of the playlist is a modern song all Dubbed out from Jungle artist Congo Natty and Sukh Knight. Hope this week finds you less ill than I was just just ill enough for this.


There Are Other Podcasts? – Astonishing Legends

There Are Other Podcasts?
We know you are loyal fans, that would never ever listen to another podcast. Just in case you were curious about other podcasts (which we know you aren’t), “There Are Other Podcasts?” will review some of the podcasts that we think are fun and interesting, but not as fun and interesting as our podcast of course. If you would like us to give you a listen shoot us an email at:
Astonishing Legends –

I am a sucker for all things strange. I love crypto-zoological creatures, space aliens, hidden treasures, Templar myths and ghost stories. Rarely are all of these kinds of stories put together in one place. Shows like Unsolved Mysteries, and before that In Search Of were go to watching for me as a kid because they told all these stories, and Netflix is awash with cheap imitations of those two shows, but nothing captures the feel and wonder of those kind of shows quite like Astonishing Legends does.
A podcast that was recommended to me through Lore (which is another great podcast on myths and folklore that I’m sure will end up in the column at some point), Astonishing Legends has a wonderful approach to each subject that it chooses to tackle. By exhaustive research through their Astonishing Research Corps they come at every subject from not only its folkloric and fantastical roots, but also from a more grounded scientific approach, giving each side an equal space.
While the hosts come to personal conclusions on what they think the most likely interpretation of the facts and stories are, they leave everything open ended. Never really saying whether or not an idea is just to far fetched or impossible. Their open minds really make this a fun listen.
There are lots of episodes of this, and largely they are separated into several episode series on specific subjects. Good jumping off points are their series on Skinwalker Ranch, Oak Island Money Pit, The KGC: An American Conspiracy or Mothman. I promise that if you are into Fortean ideas or just our weird ass universe you will begin listening to this show en masse it is hard not to love.
Take some time to check out Scott and Forrest as they talk about all things weird and wonderful on Astonishing Legends.

On the Horizon – Be Heard!

Week to week we receive emails from comic book companies of all stripes. Taking those we present you with the things that we think will be the most interesting to you the listeners. If you have any news or announcements that you would like to share with Thinking Outside the Longbox shoot us an email at:
Be Heard! – Kai Texel a. – Comic Book Legal Defense Fund/National Coalition Against Censorship

The voice of change is often the voice of youth, and we are seeing that today. In the wake of recent (and persistent) school shootings the voice of middle and high school aged kids is being heard in the form of class walk outs and demonstrations. So the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and the National Coalition Against Censorship have joined forces to help young people navigate the perilous legal waters of protest:
As millions of American students assert their First Amendment rights in protests across the country, advocacy groups Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and National Coalition Against Censorship today released a new comic book to help protect students’ rights. Be Heard! is a free comic by cartoonist Kai Texel that outlines best practices to help kids assert their rights to speech, protest, assembly and petition, warns about risks, and provides resources to get more help. Be Heard! is available for free from CBLDF & NCAC, who encourage readers to share it freely and broadly in advance of the National School Walkout on March 14, the March for Our Lives on March 24 and local protests across the country.
Judy Blume, a member of the NCAC Board of Directors says, “This comic book feels just right. It’s so important to support and encourage kids on issues that affect their own lives and their country.”
Neil Gaiman, who co-chairs CBLDF’s advisory board notes, “In the US, freedom of speech is paramount. The First Amendment states that you can’t be arrested for saying things the government doesn’t like. It’s important that students everywhere know that they have the right to be heard. This comic will help provide them with practical tools to raise their voice.”
Gene Luen Yang, whose distinctions include recognition as a MacArthur Fellow, the fifth National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature and author of graphic novels including American Born Chinese says, “A Chinese poet once described free expression as the mother of truth.  In our age of fake news, speaking truth to power is more important than ever. This comic is a valuable guide that teaches students how to ensure their truth is heard.”   
“Whether students choose to participate in this national movement or not, whether they walk out into the hallway or march to their Senator’s office, whether they wear orange or write an op-ed for the school paper, this moment is the ultimate First Amendment lesson,” said Abena Hutchful, coordinator of NCAC’s Youth Free Expression Program and Kids’ Right to Read Project. “We hope that teachers will engage with their students in productive ways and we want to make sure that students know what is–and is not–protected protest speech in schools.”
Be Heard! is available as a free download at and, and through their social media channels. Follow #StudentsBeHeard for updates.
For Additional Information Contact:
Charles Brownstein, CBLDF, 266-8212
Nora Pelizzari, NCAC,, Office (212) 807-6222, ext. 105 |  Mobile (708) 805-8289

Floppy Copy – Dark Destiny

Ladies and gentlemen, The Grand Doyale has turned on the weekly Floppy Copy sign. If you haven’t already done so, please stow your overly opinionated bullshit underneath the seat in front of you or in an overhead bin. Only room for my overly opinionated bullshit round these parts, know what I mean? Please turn your laptops, tablets and desktop computing devices to full shiny mode. Also make sure your gaming computer chairs and lazyboy recliner backs are in their full and upright position.

If you are seated next to an emergency exit, catch me outside. please read your Floppy and any Previews special catalog located by your seat. If you do not wish to read said Copy of the Floppy described in the event of an emergency, please ask your local John, at Hall of Justice Comics to add something new and special to your pull just for you!
If you have any questions about our Floppy today, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our Internet attendants. (That;s Juan)  Thank you.”
That’s right TOTLB listeners… and hopefully supporters. Its the end of another week, and by that measure we must set our scales of truth, justice, and comic book judgery to maximum warp! So buckle up butter cup, and knuckle down charlie brown as we are all set and ready to take a look at DC’s Trinity, “Dark Destiny” Issues # 12-15.
This arc, had pretty much everything I like, and yet still kinda fell short by my reckoning. Not by much and overall the run was not bad, but that’s kind of the point to my frustration you know? I hate describing Comics with sentiments such as not bad, or pretty good, sorta kinda all right… you get the picture. I mean face value here these four issues should kick ass! You got your main Trinity in Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, your story based ringers Constantine, Deadman, and Zatanna all coming together to face off against a Demonically Possessed Red Hood, Artemis, and Bizarro. All of them possessed, and by such powerful evil as to completely overcome Zatanna and Deadman drawing Constantine into a magical showdown with a couple immortal badasses in Ra’s al Ghul, and Circe, only to have Batman figure everything out as our  friendly neighborhood Hellblazer plays the distraction, now I wont go to far into the story here as to avoid spoilers and such.
But Whatcha doing DC, come on now buddy, you done got your main 3 amigos dealing in something in which they are not familiar and frankly their failing, and how. Superman literally Gets possessed and we spend an entire comic building the idea that Supes always holds back he never unleashes his full power on even his most powerful foes, but that is all at an end now. We Gotta baby on board and with Clark playing host to beelzebub overhear surly we are in for some all powerful badass demon possessed Superman action; am I right??? Wrong he pretty much does nothing. And why bring in problem specific characters to get wrecked an then overshadowed by Batman… because Science! thats right and pretty much a quote straight outta  issue #14 I believe.

So much wasted potential in my opinion, 3 out of 5 Marthas here and thats being a bit generous.  I feel like Rick from Pawn Stars on this one. Offering you less than half your asking price for a beloved item or treasure while simultaneously assuring you that I think the offer is fair. the subject matter/ characters keep me invested through I will give DC that.
Honestly Dark Destiny is just a so/so story, and the creative teams inability to step off the ride that is full on Batman Erection for something more plot driven or perhaps something more inline with why Deadman, Constantine, and Zatanna are in this run of Trinity at all. But perhaps I judge to harshly, please feel free to comment right here as well as any thoughts and/or suggestions you may have for future Floppys do you Copy?

You Listen to What? EMO

You Listen To What?
Gabe listens to some weird ass kinds of music, and he would love you to hear it too. Weekly, Gabe will share a playlist of some genre of music that you may or may not have heard of. Give it a listen and then give us a call. Did you love it or hate it, let us know on the Michael Kuyrk Memorial Hotline at 970-573-6148
It is a daunting task to enter into the world of musical criticism, or just really discussing music in a public forum at all. There is always going to be someone that disagrees with what you say, not just about whether the music is good or not, but also with the category that you placed it in. The work of categorizing music can be a venom and anger filled place, so going into writing this I’m a little nervous about tackling “genres” of music, but I’m willing to take the plunge because in the long run, I just like what I like.

Emo has come to mean something different these days. When you say the word Emo most people have an image in their head of a group of kids rave dancing in their black with day glow spike arm bands. Hair in front of the face, forlorn and overly sad in their suburban struggle against their parents rules (how dare my mother take away my Xbox One). When I was hearing the term for the first time, it was a very different and much more palatable thing.

The ethos of punk was always centered around a lack of musicality. You didn’t have to be good at playing your instruments, you didn’t have to be a good singer, and if you did delve into being good at something you often were no longer considered punk. That is where Emo stepped in. With all the same rage a pain that was wrapped up in the punk scene but with better singing, better writing, better instrumentation. They were just bands pushing the boundaries of punk until it kind of stopped being punk.

Below is a playlist of some of the music that I always considered Emo (while slipping a little into Shoegazer with Luxury and Starflyer 59), and I think that if you are a fan of indie rock, punk or even the kind of pop that gets branded as Emo like Fall Out Boy, you will find something in here to like.

New Comics March 14th 2018

From Dark Horse this week, Neil Gaiman’s American Gods continues with its second series, My Ainsel #1. The bizarre road trip across America continues as our heroes gather reinforcements for the imminent god war! Shadow and Wednesday leave the House on the Rock and continue their journey across the country where they set up aliases, meet new gods, and prepare for war. The Hugo, Bram Stoker, Locus, World Fantasy, and Nebula Award-winning novel and hit Starz television series by Neil Gaiman is adapted as a graphic novel!

From DC this week, spinning out of the Milk Wars event in their Young Animal line, we get a new mini series in Eternity Girl! Caroline Sharp has been a lot of things, including both a superhero and a super-spy. But now, with those days behind her and her powers proving unreliable, Caroline finds herself stuck in a life weighed down by her depression and an inability to change. You see, Caroline is going to live forever, and there is no escape to be had. The very act of living reminds her that, to the rest of existence, she is an anomaly. All of that could change, however, when her old foe, Madame Atom, comes to her with an intriguing offer. Madame Atom can give Caroline the power to end her life; she just has to destroy the rest of the world.

Also new this week, Mister Miracle is back with issue #7! Mister Miracle and Big Barda are in a panic. The war with Apokolips isn’t going well. And it’s Barda’s turn to have her past come crashing back into her present as the Female Furies appear on the scene with blood on their minds.

From Image this week a new 5 issue mini series called Infidel hits shelves. A haunted house story for the 21st century, INFIDEL follows an American Muslim woman and her multiracial neighbors who move into a building haunted by entities that feed off xenophobia. Bestselling editor PORNSAK PICHETSHOTE (Swamp Thing) makes his comics-writing debut alongside artist extraordinaire AARON CAMPBELL (The Shadow), award-winning colorist and editor JOSÉ VILLARRUBIA (Promethea) and letterer / designer JEFF POWELL (SCALES & SCOUNDRELS).

From Marvel this week, Bruce Banner HULK is back! Avengers #684 continues the weekly No Surrender story arc in this Oversized issue. Back from the dead! He cannot be reasoned with. He will not be stopped. Bruce Banner isn’t home right now. There is only THE IMMORTAL HULK!

Also from Marvel this week, a New Mutants mini series kicks off called Dead Souls. THEY AREN’T JUST THE X-MEN IN TRAINING ANYMORE! The New Mutants are launching themselves headfirst into some of the creepiest corners of the Marvel Universe, going on the missions no one else will. But does the team know what they are really hunting for? And what are they willing to do to get it? The enigmatic MAGIK will lead her team of WOLFSBANE, RICTOR, BOOM-BOOM and STRONG GUY and bring them face-to-face with paranormal threats that they may not be prepared for, and that might just tear them apart!

From AfterShock this week, a new series called Betrothed starts off , written by Sean Lewis with art by Steve Uy. Welcome to the world of Betrothed! Kieron and Tamara are both seniors at the same high school. They’ve never paid much attention to each other, even though they are the only kids at school who are orphans. On the eve of their eighteenth birthdays, they discover a lifelong secret: in a dimension far away, they are each the leader of an army that is at war with one another… and what’s more, when they turn eighteen, they’re to be Betrothed or Fight to the Death!

Here is your complete list:
Dark Horse
American Gods My Ainsel #1
Giants #4
Action Comics #999
Batgirl & Birds of Prey #20
Detective Comics #976
Eternity Girl #1
Flash #42
Gotham City Garage #11
Hal Jordan & Green Lantern Corps #40
Justice League of America #26
Mister Miracle #7
New Super Man & Justice League of China #21
Ragman #6
Red Hood & Outlaws #20
Scooby Apocalypse #23
Scooby Doo Where Are You #91
Sideways #2
Suicide Squad #37
Supergirl #19
Titans #21
Trinity #19
Wildstorm Michael Cray #6
Wonder Woman #42
Back to the Future Time Train #3
Ducktales #7
Ghostbusters Crossing Over #1
Rick Veitch The One #2
Star Trek Discovery #3
Transformers Lost Light #16
Beauty #20
Bonehead #3
Curse Words #12
Deadly Class #32
Dry County #1
Infidel #1
No 1 With A Bullet #5
Paradiso #4
Postal Laura One Shot
Rose #9
Sleepless #4
Slots #6
Vs #2
All New Wolverine #32
Astonishing X-Men #9
Avengers #684
Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider #15
Despicable Deadpool #296
Doctor Strange #387
Falcon #6
Marvel Two In One #4
New Mutants Dead Souls #1
Old Man Logan #36
Peter Parker Spectacular Spider Man #301
Punisher #222
Spider Man Deadpool #29
Star Wars Darth Vader #13
Star Wars Thrawn #2
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #30
Weapon X #15
X-Men Blue #23
Acme Ink
Rock & Roll Biographies System of a Down
Action Lab
Baby Badass #2
Subspecies #1
Zombie Tramp Ongoing #45
Athena Voltaire 2018 Ongoing #2
Jupiter Jet #4
Aftershock Comics
Betrothed #1
Cold War #2
American Mythology Productions
Stargate Atlantis Singularity #1
Archie Comics
Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #287
Cosmo #3
Riverdale #11
Vampironica #1
Aspen MLT Inc
Charismagic Vol 3 #2
Black Mask Comics
Come Into Me #1
Blackbox Comics
IT Secret World of Modern Banking 2 #5
Boom Studios
Grass Kings #13
Jim Henson Power of the Dark Crystal #12
Judas #4
Kong on Planet of Apes #5
Rockos Modern Life #4
Boundless Comics
Ember #0
Lookers Ember #1
Dynamite Entertainment
Barbarells #4
Legenderry Red Sonja #2
Pumpkinhead #2
Xena #2
Devils Due/1First Comics
Lord of Gore #4
Malefic #5
Joe Books Inc
Disney Princess and the Frog One Shot
Riftworld Legends #2
Keenspot Entertainment
Hunters of Salamanstra #9
Lion Forge
Catalyst Prime Accell Vol 2 #5
Catalyst Prime Astonisher #5
Encounter #1
Magnetic Collection
Ghost Money #8
Oni Press
Invader Zim #29
Titan Comics
Atlas and Axis #3
Doctor Who 12th Year Three #13
Quarrys War #4
Sea of Thieves #1
United Plankton Pictures
Spongebob Comics #78
Valiant Entertainment
Ninjak Vs VU #3
Secret Weapons Owens Story #0 One Shot
GFT Tarot #5
Grimm Fairy Tales #13

There Are Other Podcasts? Week 1 – LAMMP Show

There Are Other Podcasts?
We know you are loyal fans, that would never ever listen to another podcast. Just in case you were curious about other podcasts (which we know you aren’t), “There Are Other Podcasts?” will review some of the podcasts that we think are fun and interesting, but not as fun and interesting as our podcast of course. If you would like us to give you a listen shoot us an email at:
LAMMP (Let’s All Make Music Please) Show –

It’s easy to talk about things that you are passionate about, and Johnathan Blackshire from The LAMMP Show is passionate about music. He likes all kinds of music, and he has his friends on to tell you about the music that they make, and while they tell you about the music that they make they also just chat about what is happening in their lives. Some times it is funny, sometimes it is moving, most of the time it is a good listen.

Each episode is a little jam session between Johnathan and the band or group of musicians (they aren’t always in the same band). Transitioning between music and a loose interview style John’s long form version of an interview show gives the people he is talking to a lot of time to talk and to open up to him. Sometimes the consequences are hilarious, some times they can be interesting. When the music comes in to break up the segments sometimes it can even be a little transcendent.
Jam bands, doom metal, native American chanting, all of it has place on John’s show. By having such an open mind and just allowing people to come on his show and go in depth about the things that they are working on. Or just having them tell a story of their exploits, because we know that every band has a fist full of those, we get to the heart of what makes a lot of groups tick, and what makes most of these groups tick is their passion for their music.
There are moments of hilarity and joy in this podcast that I didn’t expect to hear and John is a great guy to chat with too (look forward to a co-interview on the podcast). Go check out the LAMMP Show, it is worth your time.

TOTLB 081 Manhunter

What is going on Longbox listeners!! Episode 81 is a special one, coming from the dark basement of our host, Gabe!!
Our #popcultureclassic for this show is the 1986, Michael Mann movie, Manhunter!! We talk about this “cult classic” that is the first visual of Hannibal Lecktor! Brian Cox, bring this serial killer to life, and shapes the amazing future that Hannibal has!!
From our conversation on “Manhunter,” comes our amazing interview for this episode!! We speak to None other than the original Hannibal Lecktor himself, Brian Cox!! Brian is a VERY accomplished actor, having won various awards, including, an Emmy, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild award, and MANY more!! Other than his great role in Manhunter, Brian has starred in a bevy of amazing movies; Braveheart, Complicity, Super Troopers, The Bourne series, X2, and too many to name here!! We also get a small glimpse into his new HBO series, Succession!

Remember, you can ALWAYS let us know what you think! We can only think of so many things to talk about every other week, and would LOVE to get some feedback and ideas from all of you out there who are listening!! You can send mp3s and email to our email address. Also, join the conversations on our Facebook Page and Twitter Page. Also, if you have good feedback, please leave it for us on iTunes and Stitcher!! That’s one way to help us climb the ranks into podcast glory!! You can ALSO leave us voicemail!!! Call the Michael Kuyrk memorial 970-573-6148 and leave us a hilarious message!!!
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Credit – Jonthan Garnett, Juan Muro, Gabe Llanas