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Denver Comic Con Day 2 Highlights by Dayna

Dayna Himot aka Dénouement of the Not So Sufferin’ Sapphos rode shotgun with TOTLB for day two of DCC. Fishnets and blue-balled mic in tow, here is a glimpse of what she has brewing for us.
DCC Day Two July 2, 2017 1:55 a.m.
After hanging out with the Stickslate family (Booth 556) on day one, owner Chad Donahue’s brother Shane, thought I should speak with Northern California artist and animator Justin Orr (Booth 425) of (Lo-Fi/Jusscope.com,) his intuition was spot on. Orr and I discussed every from basketball, concept art, Australian daybill posters to J. Dilla and NWA. This year the illustrator is at DCC with his sister Hilary (Squid Bacon Row M, Artist Alley) and his buddy Nooligan from Sacramento. Hillary and Justin share studio space in Oakland. Stay tuned for more of the conversation with Justin of Jusscope!

Booth 425 Denver Comic Con 2017 Justin Orr, Jusscope.com (photo by Dayna L. Himot 2017#NSSS)
I also spoke with R. Alan Brooks, Matt Strackbein and Dion Harris creators of The Burning Metronome, a story filled with different perspectives, diverse characters, with a twist of “The Usual Suspects” meets “The Twilight Zone” – a murder mystery graphic novel with supernatural undertones. Find out what this dynamic trio has to say on TOTLB post DCC podcasts.

Dion Harris, Matt Strackbein and R. Alan Brooks creators of The Burning Metronome – Artist Alley DCC 2017 (photo by Dayna L. Himot#NSSS)
Additionally, I spoke with German Boulderite Christian Braun the “Collector of Collectors” about his approach to catalog every collectible ever made. Also, when Juan and Gabe took the ruler of all things cool and important in this world (Gabe’s wife Mel) to a surprise visit to meet Mike Colter (Luke, mother-f***’in Cage,) we spied this little guy.

(photo by Dayna L. Himot 2017 #NSSS)
Dayna was so stoked that Justin Orr knew his way around J. Dilla’s, she gave him Dilla’s Delights stickers from her last trip to dj in Detroit where the shop is located in downtown smack dab in the middle of the D.

In lieu of the worst parking experience ever on Day 1, Dayna treated herself to a pedi-cab ride home. Hear more about her driver Luke and all the things “petty,” apres con!
Dayna L. Himot – @djdenouement

Get down with #TOTLB at #DCC

Well everyone it is that time of year when the crew here at Thinking Outside the Longbox makes the arduous trek from Northern Colorado and the deep south of Parker to Denver Comic Con.  With this being our third year of the Con there are more things that you can do with us to have a blast, and this article is a roundup of all those amazing things!
So if you are at Denver Comic Con come find us at booth 1255 or at one of the many Panels or events we are participating in:
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Wednesday June 28th 11am:  MY MET Radio with Not So Suffering Sapphos
At Studio 313B of My Met Radio we will be teaming up for a very special Pre-Con Episode of Not So Suffering Sapphos with DJ Dénouement.  She is a big fan of the show and invited us on to talk about what we are excited about for con (hopefully one of those dildo booths like at Wizard World).  I’m guessing they don’t want all of us to crowd out the studio but you can listen to us live on their website!  Just give the link a click at 11am on June 28th to get a special “episode” of TOTLB.  They promise spankings and washing our mouths out with soap!
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Thursday June 29th 6:00pm – 2017 Comic Con Kick Off Party (Delectable Egg 1642 Market St)
Serna Illustration and Stickslate are going to have a killer kick off party that we will be podcasting at.  If you have ever come to one of our live podcast recordings you know that you are in for a blast.  Juan and Jon will get louder and louder as they drink more, and Gabe will eventually just act like as ass and want more weed!  Free Drinks, Cash Bar, Art Show, Food and Door Prizes!  Don’t fucking miss it!
2017 Comic Con Kick Off Party
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Friday June 30th, 1:00PM – Diversity in Comics I (Denver ComicCon Room DCCP6 Coast City Room)
Need a break from the show floor already, or you just have an interest in the state of diversity in comics.  The first of two panels on diversity in comics that Gabe will be moderating.  Come listen to a panel consisting of Georges Jeanty, Dan Parent, Dexter Vines,  Alitha Martinez, and Justin Ponsor, Color Artist! This should be a really good discussion so hit it up!
Diversity in Comics I
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Friday June 30th, 2:00PM – Spotlight on Ron Marz (Denver ComicCon Room DCCP6 Coast City Room)
Who wants to walk around when you can just sit on your ass in the same spot and watch Gabe moderate a panel dedicated to Ron Marz! They will cover the career of comic book writer, Ron Marz. Spanning from #SilverSurfer to #GreenLantern, and much more! Plus, questions from the audience!  You have something you want to ask Ron Marz, on Twitter he claims to be an expert on Ron Marz and promises to answer your questions about the man.
Spotlight on Ron Marz
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Saturday July 1st, 1:00PM – Diversity in Comics II (Denver ComicCon Room DCCP6 Coast City Room)
I don’t think you can spend the night in the Coast City Room..can you?  Well either way come watch Gabe moderate a panel consisting of Plays By Crystal Skillman, Christina Blanch, #MarkMorales, Hope Larson, and Jennie Breeden! The name of this panel is all about DIVERSITY in comics!!  We are going to have a great discussion and we hope to see you at it.
Diversity In Comics II
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Sunday July 2nd, 3:30pm – Creator Owned Comics (Denver ComicCon Room 501)
Sorry this time you will have to pack up your tent, move our of the Coast City Room and go to room 501 to watch Gabe moderate a panel consisting of Jim Mahfood, David Mack, Kyle Higgins, Jennifer Swartwood, and Brian Haberlin!! This panel is all about creator owned comic books!!  What is better than that.  Find out what the state of the industry is when it comes to creator owned comics, and maybe even some protips on how to get your comic out!
Creator Owned Comics
It’s gonna busy weekend for us (that starts on Wednesday), but you can follow all of our exploits at:
Instagram – @outsidelongbox
Twitter – @outsidelongbox
See you all at Denver Comic Con!