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On the Horizon – Bram Stoker's Dracula, Grave Diggers Union

On The Horizon
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Gravediggers Union Volume 1 – Wes Craig w., Toby Cypress a. – Image Comics

So one of my favorite comics currently going is Gravediggers Union is about to get their first trade, and Image has an amazing trailer. Image says:
“DEADLY CLASS co-creator Wes Craig teams up with artist Toby Cypress (Omega Men) to introduce you to the weird horror of THE GRAVEDIGGERS UNION, VOL.1 this May. The trade paperback collects issues #1-5 of the ongoing series.
In THE GRAVEDIGGERS UNION, VOL. 1, the supernatural world has gone berserk, and it’s all tied to a powerful cult called the Black Temple. They want to unleash ancient dark gods on mankind and bring about the apocalypse. The only things that stands in their way are Cole, Haley, and Ortiz. They’re members of the Gravediggers Union, a brotherhood sworn to defend the living from the undead. At the center of the Black Temple’s plan is a street kid named Morgan. She’s the key to the coming apocalypse. Also, she’s Cole’s estranged daughter. To find her, the Gravediggers will have to contend with a witch who hates their guts, a former cult member who used to be the world’s biggest movie star, yuppie vampires, steroid-zombies, junk golems…and no overtime pay.”
Be sure to pick this book up if you haven’t read them yet. They are fantastic. Check out the trailer too!

Bram Stoker’s Dracula – Mike Mignola – IDW

One of Mike Mignola’s lesser known works is about to get a reprint (which means I won’t have to keep hunting for issue number three to read the story). I for one can’t wait to get a hold of this book. An adaptation of the Gary Oldman film this is for sure a book that you are gonna want to check out if you like horror movies. From IDW:
“25 years ago one of comics’ most celebrated creators, Mike Mignola, adapted to comics, along with Roy Thomas, the star-studded Columbia Pictures (Sony Pictures Entertainment) film by Francis Ford Coppola, Dracula, based on the world-renowned novel by Bram Stoker. Now at last fans of this lost treasure will have a chance to relive the terror, or discover it for the first time, as IDW is bringing the complete story back to print!
“I cannot tell you what a relief it is to have this book back in print,” said artist Mike Mignola. “People have been asking about this one for ages—More than any other book of mine—and I honestly didn’t think it was ever going to be possible to see an edition, but here it is. Thank you Scott Dunbier and IDW. No idea how you did it but very glad you did. I’m generally not a fan of my older work (pretty huge understatement there) but I think this one holds up. Despite the fact that I was doing a movie adaptation (which has its own unique set of problems) I think there is some nice drawing and storytelling in here. One of the very few older jobs I’m still pretty proud of.”
The 136 page hardcover collection features Mignola’s stunning black and white artwork, and showcases the master creators’ final work before launching Hellboy.”
Mike Mignola may not like his older work, but I sure as hell do. Be sure to check this out when it comes out, I get the feeling that you will be pleased.

Floppy Copy – Grave Diggers Union

“The Working Class Kicks Serious Supernatural Ass!”

A LONG #%!#%$% TIME AGO, yet unrevealed shit was going down to our pre humanoid ancestors, it looks like we were being used as a delivery service for giant alien/monster egg sacks or something like that. Intro the Angel like good guys flying in and blowing everything up setting us free while also enslaving us in a way by locking some information into our undeveloped monkey like brains? I think that’s what happening in the open sequences of the first 3 books but honestly I have no idea, the art is cool as shit though and it seems to have a purpose so I’m down with it.

Grave Diggers Union Takes us balls deep into the bureaucratic management of all things creepy and crawly, who you going to call when the dead rise from their graves at night… BLUE COLLAR BADASSES in the Grave Diggers Union that’s who, and they know how to get the job done. except now more than ever there seems to be a growing and rising threat as more and more zombies, ghosts, and all manner of undead nastiness seem to be waking up in unprecedented numbers. All this and our heroes have to work through union leads and overtime concerns. Personally, I would love to have seen this angel of the story played up and addressed further than it has been so far, but that is a very minor nitpicky critique of the comic.

We have solid characters with believable motivations and a story that is both wide open at this point and yet easy to follow. (That’s Hard to do) I haven’t touched on the occult shit so far as I do not want to give away too much of the motivation behind the main characters drive to find his little girl, but let’s just say daddy and daughter seem to be on the opposite sides of the apocalypse on this one. Family drama y’all!!!

Honestly the cult thing seems to be minor in my opinion as the earth itself is spewing up all kinds of freaky ass shit for our characters to deal with, and all while managing two 15-minute breaks and a mandatory half hour for lunch. Will the forces of good and evil join together to save the human race? What does the Grave Diggers Union have to say about this? Well Publicly they said the same thing as everyone else—“Everything is Under Control.”

This is M. Night SHaMaMalanz The Happening/Mixed with Ghostbusters but not Ghostbusters 2 and just kind of the outside idea of the Happening not the shitty storytelling, pacing, or horrible writing. Honestly The Happening is a terrible movie! You get 1 half Martha SHaMaMalan… 1 ONLY!

As for The grave Diggers Union on the other hand, I feel pretty good giving this 4 out of 5 Marthas, the third comic felt a little rushed maybe, or kind of dealer like, but even then it was still funny and very enjoyable to read.