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NEW Comics February 8th 2018

Well it is the last week of February. Man how this month absolutely FLEW! Its a pretty big week including new Previews, so lets jump in headfirst without looking!
From Dark Horse this week, the world of Jeff Lemire’s Black Hammer continues to expand with a new series called Doctor Star and the Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows. Written by Jeff Lemire with art by Max Fiumara. This dual-narrative story set in the world of the Eisner-Award winning Black Hammer series chronicles the legacy of a Golden-Age superhero. An aged crime fighter desperately wants to reconnect with his estranged son, who he hoped would one day take the mantle of Doctor Star. Over the course of the story we learn his World War II-era origin, how he got his powers, his exciting astral adventures, the formation of some of Black Hammer’s greatest heroes, and more in this heartbreaking superhero tale about fathers and sons.

From DC this week, Detective Comics hits issue #975, and in a 30 page story, details “The Trial of Batwoman”. Batwoman faces scrutiny from Batman and Red Robin but stands up for her actions. Will Batman allow her to continue bearing his symbol after everything she has done?

Also new this week, a new 6 issue mini-series kicks off featuring Mera Queen of Atlantis! Written by Dan Abnett with art by Lan Medina and covers by Nicola Scott and ArtGerm! From the pages of AQUAMAN comes a brand-new adventure starring Mera, in her own title for the first time ever! As the brutal Atlantean Civil War rages, Mera must keep the peace between the surface world and Atlantis as its newly anointed queen in exile. But when Aquaman’s brother Orm, a.k.a. Ocean Master, learns of his homeland’s fate, he’ll stop at nothing to return to Atlantis as its king and savior!

Lastly from DC, the New Age of Heroes continues with a team that we saw briefly in Metal. Terrifics #1 is written by Jeff Lemire with art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. Bound together by fate, united by the spirit of exploration and hope for tomorrow, the Terrifics are bound from the Dark Multiverse of Metal! When Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho, Plastic Man and Phantom Girl find themselves literally bound together by a tragic accident, our team of unlikely allies must rely on one another to make their way back home. But a startling revelation on their return trip brings them face to face with a new mystery: Where in the universe is Tom Strong?

From Image this week, SAGA is BACK! New story arc starts here in issue #49!

Also this week, a new 5-issue mini series called Beef debuts written by Richard Starkings and Tlyer Shainline with art by Shaky Kane. Chuck is a mild-mannered meat factory worker who is a little in love with a strawberry picker named Mary Lynn. But everything changes when Mary Lynn falls victim to the Vodino Brothers….

From Marvel this week, a new 5 issue mini series featuring everyones favorite giant dog debuts with Lockjaw #1. At long last, the dog has his day! Lockjaw spends most of his time defending the Inhuman empire alongside Black Bolt and Medusa. But when he gets a message that his long-lost litter mates are in danger, he’ll spring into action to save them! But wait – Lockjaw has brothers and sisters? Can they teleport? Are they Inhuman? Can they possibly be as gosh-darned cute as their big brother? All the answers are here! Get ready for an adventure worth fetching for!

Also from Marvel this week, the series finale to Gwenpool with issue #25 and Peter Parker hits a milestone with Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #300!
From Black Mask this week a new series called The Wilds debuts. Written by Vita Ayala with art by Emily Pearson. After a cataclysmic plague sweeps across America, survivors come together to form citystate-like communities for safety. Daisy Walker is a Runner for The Compound, a mix of post-apocalyptic postal service and black market salvaging operation. It is a Runner’s job to ferry items and people between settlements, and on occasion scavenge through the ruins of the old world. Daisy is the best there is at what she does. Out beyond the settlement walls are innumerable dangers: feral animals, crumbling structures, and Abominations – those that were touched by the plague and became something other. After a decade of surviving, Daisy isn’t phased by any of it – until her lover, another Runner named Heather, goes missing on a job. Desperate to find her, Daisy begins to see that there may be little difference between the world inside the walls and the horrors beyond.

From Boom! Studios this week, Jim Henson’s Labyrinth gets a monthly comic treatment. Written by Simon Spurrier with Daniel Bayliss on art the series is titled Coronation and is a prequel to the feature film! Before Sarah braved the Labyrinth to save her brother, another young woman sought to save a young boy named Jareth from the clutches of the Goblin King. The untold history of the Goblin King and the history of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. He wasn’t always the Goblin King…

Here is your complete list:
Dark Horse
Buffy Season 11 Giles #1
Doctor Star & the Kingdom of Lost Tomorrow #1
Elfquest Final Quest #24
Hungry Ghosts #2
Action Comics #998
Batgirl #20
Batman Beyond #17
Blue Beetle #18
Demon Hell is Earth #4
Detective Comics #975
Doom Patrol JLA Special #1
Flash #41
Gotham City Garage #10
Hal Jordan & GLC #39
Hellblazer #19
Imaginary Fiends #4
Justice League of America #25
Mera Queen of Atlantis #1
Motherlands #2
Raven Daughter of Darkness #2
Ruff & Reddy Show #5
Scooby Doo Team Up #35
Silencer #2
Suicide Squad #36
Teen Titans #17
Terrifics #1
Wonder Woman #41
DuckTales #6
GI Joe A Real American Hero #249
GI Joe Vs Six Million Dollar Man #1
My Little Pony Legends of Magic #11
Optimus Prime #16
Optimus Prime Annual 2018
Rick Veitch The One #1
Rom & the Micronauts #3
TMNT Ongoing #79
Transformers Lost Light #15
Transformers Vs Visionaries #3
Beef #1
Days of Hate #2
Gasolina #6
Hack Slash Resurrection #5
Motor Crush #10
Rat Queens #8
Redneck #10
Royal City #10
Saga #49
Spawn #283
Throwaways #12
Twisted Romance #4
Underwinter Field of Feathers #5
Void Trip #4
All New Wolverine #31
America #12
Avengers #682
Black Panther #170
Captain Marvel #129
Champions #17
Despicable Deadpool #295
Doctor Strange #386
Gwenpool #25
Invincible Iron Man #597
Jessica Jones #17
Legion #2
Lockjaw #1
Marvels Infinity War Prelude #2
Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #28
Moon Knight #192
Peter Parker Spectacular Spider Man #300
Spider Gwen #29
Spider Man Deadpool #28
Star Wars Darth Vader #12
Thanos #16
X-Men Blue #22
Aardvark Vanaheim
Amazing Cerebus #1
Aftershock Comics
Backways #3
Fu Jitsu #5
Rough Riders Ride or Die #1
Antarctic Press
Gold Digger #250
Archie Comics
B&V Friends Jumbo Comics Digest #259
Betty & Veronica Vixens #4
Shrugged Primer (One Shot)
Shrugged Vol 3 #1
Black Mask Comics
Calexit #2
Wilds #1
Boom Studios
Abbott #2
Big Trouble In Little China Old Man Jack #6
Go Go Power Rangers #7
Jim Henson Labyrinth Coronation #1
Lumberjanes #47
Steve Universe Ongoing #13
Dynamite Entertainment
Agent 47 Birth of Hitman #4
Bettie Page #8
Kiss AOD #1
Heavy Metal Magazine
Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast #3
Joe Books
Riftworld Legends #1
Keenspot Entertainment
Marry Me #10
Trumps Titans Vs Mandela Effect #1
Kenzer & Company
Knights of the Dinner Table #252
Lion Forge
Catalyst Prime Incidentals #6
Catalyst Prime Kino #4
Oni Press
Rick & Morty #35
Red 5 Comics
Chasing Hitler #4
Scout Comics
Long Lost #4
Storm King Productions
John Carpenters Tales of Sci Fi Vortex #5
Titan Comics
Alisik Fall #1
Valiant Entertainment
X-O Manowar #12
Vault Comics
Cult Classic Return to Whisper #1
GFT Dance of the Dead #4
GFT Grimm Tales of Terror Vol 3 #13
Grimm Fairy Tales #12

New Comics September 29th 2017

New Comics Release for 11/29/17

Hey there Super Friends! We hope everyone had
a great Thanksgiving holiday, and want to welcome you to the last hurrah for
November! A relatively light week this week since it’s the fifth week of the
month filled with annuals, etc so lets dive right in shall we?
From DC this week, a slew of annuals to
satiate your once-yearly craving of oversized stories that may or may not have
anything to do with the current storylines!
Most notable this week is Batman Annual #2. The team that brought you
Batman/Elmer Fudd returns and brings you a tale from the past to see the early
days of the Bat and the Cat! What was Bruce and
Selina’s first date? How did this rivalry blossom into romance, and then go
right back to being a rivalry again?

Also from DC this
week, a new 3 issue mini series kicks off with Mystik U #1. Written by Alisa
Kwitney with art by Mike Norton. Leave the world of the mundane behind and step
through the magical doors of Mystik U! After a tragic accident, a young Zatanna
Zatara, under the guidance of Rose Psychic, enrolls in a mysterious university
that teaches its students how to master their unique brands of magic. Will
Zatanna fit in with her new classmates (Enchantress, Sargon the Sorcerer, Faust
and more!) and unlock her true potential?

From Marvel this week, throwing back to the
90’s we see the revival of one of the breakout beloved charaters from that time
with Darkhawk #51! Years ago, Chris
Powell discovered a mysterious amulet that allowed him to transform into the
spacefaring gladiator known as DARKHAWK. With his newfound edge against crime,
he stood against some of the most extreme threats the Marvel Universe has to
offer! Now, when two members of the Fraternity of Raptors descend on New York
with designs on stealing the amulet and returning it to the stars, it’s not
Darkhawk who has to rise to thechallenge…it’s
Chris Powell!

Also from Marvel this
week, Old Man Logan #31 hits the racks and begins the Marvel Legacy Launch
written by Ed Brisson with art by Mike Deodato. Old Man Logan – the man who was
Wolverine – is up against a foe like no other…the Hand! Logan’s past comes
back to haunt him when a former love drags him into battle with the Hand, who
have bolstered their forces like never before. Just when things couldn’t get
any worse, Logan encounters the mysterious Scarlet Samurai! Will Logan be able
to discover who she is and take down the Hand?

From Boom! Studios
this week the Labyrinth 2017 Special #1 hits the racks. Celebrate Jim Henson’s
Labyrinth with an all-new collection of short stories celebrating the various
characters and creatures from the world of Labyrinth. Includes the
never-before-told story of how Sir Didymus met his trusted steed Ambrosius.
Also includes the story of a goblin running late to the famous “Dance
Magic Dance” sequence from the film.

From Dynamite this
week, John Wick makes his way to comics in a new 5 issue mini series! When a
young John Wick emerges from prison and embarks upon his first, epic vendetta,
he comes up against a strange, powerful community of assassins and must learn
how to master the Book of Rules that guides their lethal business. What are the
Three Bills? Who is Calamity? And who was John Wick before he became the Baba
Yaga? Here for the first time, read the thrilling origin story of John Wick,
from “Planet Hulk” writer Greg Pak and “Dark Horse
Presents” artist Giovanni Valletta.

Here is your complete list:

Devil You Know #4
Annual #1
Annual #2
Creature of the Night #1
Arrow Annual #1
Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #33
2 Annual #1
League of America Annual #1
U #1
Talent Showcase 2017 #1
Sons Annual #1
Robo Spectre of Tomorrow #2
GI Joe
A Real American Hero #246
Girls Bureau of Bad #1
Rom Vs
Transformers Shining Armor #5
Trek Boldly Go #14
Trek Discovery #1
of Ages #1
Ghostbusters 2 #5
Lost Light #11
Scrooge #32
JFK Disclosure #2
Magick #9
Slash Resurrection #2
Kill or
Be Killed #14
X Plus 66 #5
Destiny #32
Crush #8
Jones Season Two #5
Creatures #5
Seal #4
Grey #9
Moon Knight
Old Man
Logan #31
Warriors #9
Gwen #26
Wars Jedi of the Republic Mace Windu #4
Wars Poe Dameron #21
Avengers #12
Blue #16
Aardvark Vanaheim
of Cerebus in Hell #1
AC Comics
Arrow #2
Action Lab
Season 2 #9
AfterShock Comics
Ark #3
Jitsu #3
American Gothic Press
Chicago #4
Mythology Productions
Panther Cartoon Hour Special #2
Antarctic Press
Arya #2
Bunny Vol 2 #11
Archie Comics
Comics Double Digest #284
XOXO Vol 2 #5
Blackbox Comics
Secret World of Modern Banking 2 #2
Boom Studios
Vinyl #4
Henson Labyrinth 2017 Special #1
Broadsword Comics
Witch of the Black Rose #107
Dynamite Entertainment
Page #5
Wick #1
Inc Faces of Justice #4
Improper Books
Scpetre of the Sun #4
Joe Books
Pixar Coco One Shot
Lion Forge
Prime Kino #1
Oni Press
Season 2 #5
Season 3 #5
Dominion Season 2 #4
& Morty #32
Red 5 Comics
Hitler #1
Red Giant
Scout Comics
Storm King Productions
Carpenter Tales of SciFi Vortex #2
Titan Comics
Kronos #3
Who 11
th Year Three #12
War #1
Udon Entertainment
Fighter Reloaded #1
Fighter Vs Darkstalkers #7

Valiant Entertainment
Mother #4
Vault Comics
Morella Presents Verotika Returns Special #4

Dance of the Dead #2
Tarot #3
Hood The Hunt #5
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