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TOTLB S15 Mego Returns Comic Con International

The Mego Corporation was founded in 1954, but turned to doing license action figures in 1971! One of the first action figures was NFL Hall of Famer, Joe Namath. But they didn’t stop there, as they would include characters from the Planet of the Apes, Star Trek, Micronauts, and so much more, boasting over $100 million at its peak!! Unfortunately, in 1983 Mego closed down, bringing an end to what once was one of the greatest action figures makers in existence!!

The great news is, that in 2018, 34 years after originally closing, MEGO IS BACK!! Comic Con International 2018 brought about this awesome news!! With the help of “Broadway Joe” himself, the Mego Corporation announced that they would be returning, with exclusives in Target stores around the country!

We attended the Mego Corporation panel during Comic Con (video above)! We also got to speak with Paul Clark AKA “Doctor Mego.” He is the Mego action figure expert! He can tell you everything you ever want to know about the whole line! PLUS, HE is the person who has been creating Mego parts for over 20 years, on his spare time, AND with the company! He is the perfect person to be “the man behind the scenes.” PLUS, we get to speak with the man himself, Marty Abrams. He has been the man behind the company for pretty much it’s whole inception! You’ll hear him speak about why it’s coming back, why target, and what the plans are for the future!!

On The Horizon – Star Trek

On The Horizon
Week to week we receive emails from comic book companies of all stripes. Taking those we present you with the things that we think will be the most interesting to you the listeners. If you have any news or announcements that you would like to share with Thinking Outside the Longbox shoot us an email at: outsidethelongbox@gmail.com
Shadowman #1 – Andy Diggle w., Stephen Segovia a. – Valiant Entertainment

The latest incarnation of Shadowman is coming out this week and I got the chance to check it out a little early. If you are a fan of the Shadowman series I’m thinking that you will enjoy this foray into the series too. This series picks up with Jack Boniface returning from five years of exile from the Deadside. Jack is looking for answers and when he turns to the spirit world and Baron Samedi responds.
With Andy Diggle at the helm this first issue is a great jumping off point for people new to the title, while also building on the previous volume of Shadowman. It will be interesting to see where he takes it from here, but the drama is already at one hundred in issue one. Action and drama punctuated by art from Stephen Segovia.
I love this kind of supernatural action, Shadowman is one of the books from Valiant that I loved even back in the 90’s. Do yourself a favor and give this one a shot. Comes out this week.

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Scott and David Tipton w., Tony Shasteen a. – IDW Comics
It looks like a new iteration of Star Trek TNG is coming to IDW. The publisher says:
This six-issue miniseries reveals unique, focused stories where beloved characters find themselves in new, unfamiliar situations, in a format echoing the “done-in-one” nature of the television series. However, each issue also features a subtle throughline of an evil Mirror Universe crewmember established in theMiror Broken and Through the Mirror series remaining on the ship, wreaking havoc while posing as his prime universe counterpart. Featuring the best of both the Mirror and original universes, Terra Incognita is a unique new step in this riveting saga.

Assembling a dream team of Star Trek talent, writers on the previous two Mirror Universe series Scott Tipton and David Tipton (Star Trek/Doctor Who: Assimilation Squared, Star Trek: City on the Edge of Forever, Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive) will be joined by artist Tony Shasteen (Star Trek, Star Trek: Boldly Go, Star Trek: Discovery Light of Kahless).

Mirror Broken and Through the Mirror. Clearly, the love of Picard and the entire Enterprise crew runs deep, and who are we to deny fans what they want?! This epic team-up of Scott and David Tipton plus artist Tony Shasteen is a true all-star roster of Star Trek comics talent,” said Editor Sarah Gaydos.

“As much as I love all iterations of Star Trek, getting to write for The Next Generation always feels like coming home. And getting to continue the work we’ve been doing with the Mirror Universe is an unexpected bonus,” said Co-writer Scott Tipton.

“We hope to bring Trek fans brand-new TNG tales that feel like episodes they somehow missed on television, along with a few shocking surprises!” agreed Co-writer David Tipton.


Which one is Rey? A Star Trek Discovery review

Which one is Rey?
That’s what my 5-year-old daughter Serenity asked me when we sat down to watch the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery.
I had to explain that this was Star Trek, not Star Wars. She was a bit confused and finally decided that Michael was most like Rey. She enjoyed the opening scene and the opening credit sequence. She was ready to sing along like on Enterprise, but no lyrics yet.
Everything about episodes one “The Vulcan Hello” and two “Battle at the Binary Stars” seemed the same, but different. There seemed to be a checklist of what makes Star Trek, Star Trek, and everything was checked off.
My first impression was this was Star Trek made by people that do not really know Star Trek, but since I have Immersed myself I’m the behind the scenes videos on the CBS app for the last few days I know everyone involved is huge Star Trek fans. So I think I was judging a little unfairly on my first watch. I didn’t get that feeling on the next viewings.

The Klingons. I like the idea that the 24 different houses have different looks, but I feel like the new makeup choices seem to invalidate all the Klingon lore that has come before. Most notably Worf played by Michael Dorn. I think it would have been okay if one of the holographic Klingons looked anything like a Klingon. As for my personal opinion on the makeup, it’s amazing looking, they just don’t look like Klingons. Also, the silicone seems so thick that the actors’ performances can’t show through.

The first two episodes were as Matt Mira said on After Trek (great show, worth getting the CBS app just for that) a two-hour cold open. I was confused by the Discovery ship not being in the first two episodes, but after the conclusion of episode two, I completely got it.

What they did with these opening episodes was set up a story as most Trek pilots do, and then blow everything up, and turn everything on its ear. The deaths of two major cast members in these episodes are new and unique. Voyager did it, but they didn’t advertise those cast members to be main characters. I think it was surprising and well done. It seems to me that they will be back as there are at least 3 time periods that will be focused on for season one.
Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael did really well. I enjoyed her performance and I think she will be amazing to watch as the lead in this ensemble. She embodies the modern female. Smart, strong, and beautiful.
The most exciting part for me was seeing what is upcoming on this season. We saw glimpses of the Discovery, and crew members we haven’t met yet. I’m most looking forward to seeing Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz.
The upcoming episodes to me, look more like the newer incarnation of Battlestar Galactica, just with the lights on.
Compared to the other Star Trek pilots this ranks high on my list. It’s right on par with the opening of Enterprise “Broken Bow”

For everyone saying or worrying that Discovery wasn’t or wouldn’t be Star Trek, I think “The Vulcan Hello“ and “Battle at the Binary Stars” proved everyone wrong. This is Star Trek.

Hopefully, CBS does for Star Trek what Disney did for Star Wars, and my little girl Serenity can dress up as Lt. Cmdr Michael Burnham and wear Star Trek: Discovery pajamas.
“An amazing job by all, well done! 5/5 delta shields.”
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FMV Gaming- Get your geek on!

Star Trek Borg is my favorite FMV (full motion video) game and is available absolutely for free download here because it’s old and considered obsolete. I don’t think it is, and here is why.
As a child, I loved to read choose your own adventure books. I think mostly because I was lazy and somehow at an early age I figured out that I wouldn’t actually have to read the whole book. As video games moved from consoles like the Atari 2600 to personal computers graphics were still very limited. One way to make a game look better and more realistic was to include video, the crappy video was often better than what computers of the time could render. I think every Gen Xer remembers the stunning graphics of Dragon’s Lair in the arcade. How was this possible? It was a cheat. Simply put it was chose your own adventure on laserdisc. Playing a cartoon was so much more exciting than dots that were supposed to be a centipede. These FMV games or sometimes called or interactive movies did the same at home.

I was so excited when I heard about Star Trek Borg, I bought it on release date. The only problem was I didn’t have a PC to play it on. A few months later with my tax return, I spent over $3,000 for an IBM Aptiva CH8, a doorstop by today’s standards, but with that PC and the CD-ROMs I was off to defeat the BORG!
It was an amazing Star Trek one-off movie that took place in the 24th century with Q and a great cast, on the voyager sets in a sidequel to the Next Generation episode The Best 0f Both Worlds. I often think it should now be remastered for Blu-ray as a movie, but until then if you aren’t interested in downloading and playing the game, which I recommend, there are several fan edits on youtube worth watching.

If you are intrigued, other great FMV games I can recommend are Star Trek: Klingon, The Dame Was LoadedJohnny Mnemonic: The Interactive Action MovieX-Files The GameSherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, The Daedalus Encounter starring Tia Carrere, and for those of you who have the capability there is a rare Laserdisc game “Mystery Disc: Murder, Anyone?” showcasing Lea Thompson’s first on-screen role.

If you want to get truly geeky about FMV gaming you can build your own game box for under $20! Get a working windows 95 or higher compatible PC with monitor, speakers, mouse and keyboard from a thrift shop. Do a fresh install of Ubuntu Desktop (free Linux-based operating system) and DosBox free from the Ubuntu store. For the brave, you can just install MS-DOS using these instructions. The games are mostly free, even hard copies are dirt cheap on eBay. No excuses. Get your geek on!

For more information check out http://fmvstory.com/


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