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watch PodcastImage go site Coming to you from the amazing, astounding, astonishing……………..Gabe’s basement!! We bring you the 24th episode of the Thinking Outside the Long Box Podcast!! Man, what an amazing podcast it is!! Within the first ten minutes of this episode, the rails come off the tracks!! We bring you amazing conversations about the “adult” ovipositor. Oh man is it an insane contraption that brings much hilariousness to our lives!! Of course, as always, we talk about all of the awesome news coming out of the shows that are about to restart. Jon and Gabe also speak about some of the awesome books that they are reading, like Harrow County!! Our first of three interviews is with Marilyn Ghigliotti!! She of course is most well known for portraying Veronica on the epic, cult classic, Clerks! She tells us all about how she got that famous gig, as well as the hilarious story of her finding out she will be in Clerks 3! She also tells us about some of her other current roles, such as Lake Erie, as well as her goal of producing some future works!! If you like hearing about the entertainment business, this is definitely the interview for you, and Marilyn is a great lady!! Buy Xanax Locally Our second interview comes from the amazing Ben Templesmith!! What an amazing interview this was!! Right from the moment we start talking to Ben, the hilariousness ensues!! He is such a level headed and down to earth guy, that’ll make you just want to go out and buy everything he does!! He tells us about the ups and the downs that came out of 30 Days of Night, it’s such an interesting look at it from a side most fans never get to see/hear. He also tells us why it’s dumb for Gabe to assume that left handed people draw any different from right handed people……………..Don’t forget to stop off at 44FLOOD where you can find some of Ben’s projects, as well as store to find EXCLUSIVE Templesmith products!! It’s an amazing website! enter Our last interview comes from local artist Jason Meents!! Jason does some great artwork, that is also super family friendly!! He pulls a lot of inspiration for that, from his daughter, whom he wants to be able to share his artwork with forever! Jason recently did a commission for Juan, one of the co-hosts, of Venom/Carnage, and it looks awesome!! You’ll definitely want to hear where he gets his inspiration from, and all of the items that he’s had commissioned!! Remember, you can ALWAYS let us know what you think! We can only think of so many things to talk about every other week, and would LOVE to get some feedback and ideas from all of you out there who are listening!! You can send mp3s and email to our email address. Also, join the conversations on our Facebook Page and Twitter Page. Also, if you have good feedback, please leave it for us on iTunes and Stitcher!! That’s one way to help us climb the ranks into podcast glory!! Hall of Justice Comics & Collectibles Our Stitcher Our iTunes source link Marilyn’s Twitter Marilyn’s Instagram source link Ben’s Twitter follow url Ben’s Instagram Jason’s Facebook Jason’s Instagram enter Credit – Jonthan Garnett, Juan Muro, Gabe Llanas

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