TOTLB 026 FOCO Comic Con

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From the first year of FOCO Comic Con, we bring you this 26th episode of the Thinking Outside the Long Box podcast!! It just so happens to be the anniversary of our podcast!! That’s right, this is officially 1 year together as the coolest pop culture podcast ever!!
While Jon is away at the Ska Brewing anniversary event in Durango, Gabe and Juan hold down the fort at the comic con! From what we were told, the Ska Brewing event was a success, and we hopefully will hear some audio from that show in the next episode!!
As is typical at the comic cons, we don’t normally have “interviews” scheduled! But, we do have some awesome conversations with people who are at the show!! As you’ve heard us tout many times, we are part of an amazing comic book group here in Colorado, aptly named the Colorado Comic Book Enthusiasts! We have a great conversation with Nathaniel, Keith, and Jason! If you live in Colorado, and love comic books, you should definitely look us up!!
HOLY cow do we have some other awesome conversations!! The Comicstorian drops by to drop some comic knowledge on us, and plus their videos are hilarious!! We also hear from Kaai in Cosplay, who is developing Nerd2Go magazine, which sounds like something I want to read, and something you need to be looking into! We are sitting next to Arachna from Beware Theater, and she talks to us all about the amazing black and white movies, that were so bad they were awesome! We also have a short (PA guys was SUPER loud), but great conversation with Saro Hang. Saro is a local Colorado artist, who is also part of Red Team Go Colorado! This is a group of writers, artists, designers, etc. who get together and encourage/help each other. Definitely a tight nit group who is looking to do nothing but push each other to be the best!
Remember, you can ALWAYS let us know what you think! We can only think of so many things to talk about every other week, and would LOVE to get some feedback and ideas from all of you out there who are listening!! You can send mp3s and email to our email address. Also, join the conversations on our Facebook Page and Twitter Page. Also, if you have good feedback, please leave it for us on iTunes and Stitcher!! That’s one way to help us climb the ranks into podcast glory!!
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Credit – Jonthan Garnett, Juan Muro, Gabe Llanas