TOTLB 053 The Robert Kurtzman year end special!!

Photo by Marcia King

It’s that time of the year again!! Episode 53 is our YEAR END WRAP UP!!
We bring you our list of the best trailer, TV show, movie, and comic book of 2016!! Plus, for our “old man” picks, we took the clock back 20 years, and did the BEST (any part) of 1996!! WOW is this episode packed or what!?!? Not only do we give you our lists, but we also had a TON of feedback from our social media followers!! Going through their lists is always a fun adventure, and teaches the us about the different things that we are not in tune with!!
The first part of our conversation is dominated by our chat with IGN’s Best Graphic Novel Award winner, Chris Hunt!! He not only gives us his 2016 list, but we also talk about everything that has happened since we first spoke to him about Carver. He was on Nerdist, he went out of the country, and he was temporarily homeless. His story is amazing, and hilarious, all at the same time!
We also had a small Christmas Story VS Christmas Vacation poll, and read all the results of that poll as well!! I don’t think that there was a clear winner, but there are definitely staunch supporters of both great Christmas movies!
Before our #PopCultureClassic segment, we also have, probably the BEST interview we have ever done!! We interview the special effects legend, Robert Kurtzman! What a HUGE honor it was having Robert on the show!! He was with us to talk about a past #popcultureclassic, From Dusk Till Dawn! Of course we talk about his amazing career, which has included such titles as; Dune, Children of the Corn, From Dusk Till Dawn, Evil Dead 2, Tremors, Dances with Wolves, Pulp Fiction, and SO many more classics!! He is a genius at what he does, and we cannot thank him enough for the awesome interview!! Don’t miss it!
For our #PopCultureClassics segment, of course we had to choose one of those Christmas movies. We ended up choosing the 1989 Chevy Chase movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation! It’s a Christmas tradition for some of us, and a great time for all of us!! From the oblivious moves of Clark, to the insane moves of cousin Eddie, this movie is funny from start to finish!! You’ll love hearing our fond memories of this Christmas classic!!
Remember, you can ALWAYS let us know what you think! We can only think of so many things to talk about every other week, and would LOVE to get some feedback and ideas from all of you out there who are listening!! You can send mp3s and email to our email address. Also, join the conversations on our Facebook Page and Twitter Page. Also, if you have good feedback, please leave it for us on iTunes and Stitcher!! That’s one way to help us climb the ranks into podcast glory!! You can ALSO leave us voicemail!!! Call 970-573-6148 and leave us a hilarious message!!!
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