click Image Subject To Copyright. All Rights Reserved to Original Owner This episode take a turn for the creepy!! Once again, we’re taking a look at a current TV show. This time though, we’re diving once again into the creepy world of Stephen King!! Stephen King has been pretty prolific when it comes to the TV. A lot of his stories have been getting adapted (and better we might add) Cheap Alprazolam Online to series’ on TV. For this episode, we peek into the HBO series, The Outsider, based on the novel of the same name! What happens when you’re accused of a murder, and you know you’re innocent. Even better though, what happens when you know you’re innocent because you have a completely legit alibi? This is a story of a murder that turned a small town upside down, about a father accused of murder, when he was in a completely different state! Plus, maybe a psychic, and maybe a creature who can transform!?

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