TOTLB 193 Spenser Confidential

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It’s time to get a little FUNKY!! Why? Because today we’re visiting a series from Marky Mark, that’s why! Mark Wahlberg has been making some of the funniest series/movies for a long while, and this movie from Netflix, is no different! We’re of course talking about the 2020 movie, Spenser Confidential!

The series stars Mark Wahlberg, co-starring Winston Duke, Alan Arkin, Iliza Schlesinger, and playing the villainous role, Bokeem Woodbine!! A tale of a former police officer, who is trying to get to the bottom of the corruption at his former department! Are friends really friends, especially new ones? Do exes stay exes, and what’s funnier than an older friend who does nothing but bring the comedic relief! I think this is definitely worth a watch, at least once, and check out what we thought about the movie!!

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