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Do you like the horror genre? How about horror when it comes to religion, exorcism’s, and demons? Today we’re talking about season three of such a show!! Evil, our topic for the day, has been such an entertaining series for the last few years! This season has been no different, and I think has been the best season so far!

A skeptical forensic psychologist (Herbers) allies with a Catholic seminarian (Colter) and a technology contractor (Mandvi) to investigate purported supernatural incidents.”

This season leaves off where the last season ended! A family in disarray is trying to stop the forces of evil from tearing them apart even further, and spreading to the rest of the world. While all of that is going on with Kristen’s family, David is getting more and more used to being a formal Priest, and dealing with evil on a much deeper level! Ben and the team still go on assessments while they try and figure out why everything is happening to them, while Leland is doing his best to take over! This is such a good season, and this series is always worth the watch!

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Credit – Doyle Daniels, Juan Muro