TOTLB 473 The Winchesters

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Today’s episode is about a prequel series! We’re talking about a series that is trying to hold on to some of the hype and the nostalgia from Supernatural, which was, and still is, a VERY popular tv show. Because of this, the prequel, The Winchesters, was created. As of the publishing of this episode, there still is no word on whether the second season has been greenlit or not, but the first full season has already come to an end.

“The Winchesters is a Supernatural prequel produced by Jensen Ackles. The series’ story primarily focuses on the early days of Sam and Dean’s parents, John and Mary. The series follows the couple’s love story while trying to save the world.”

Now, there definitely seems to be some differences in this prequel, that were thought to have already been established in the main series, but that may have been explained in the finale of the series as well, as this was filmed prior to the season ending. I THINK this is what has informed Doyle’s opinion of the show to this point. BUT, if you’re a fan of cryptids, and some of the more “easy” parts of Supernatural, you’re more than likely at least going to somewhat enjoy this series, and you should definitely give it a chance either way!

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