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source link Every once in a while we go outside of our bubble, to talk about something that we think is worth it, or is fun. In this case, today’s topic hit both of those things for us. PLUS, there are different aspects of this game that tie into the comic book world that we like to live in! We had the chance to sit down with the two awesome creators of this new card game, and had the chance to play a round or two!! The name of the game is BAM!

follow go site ” In Earth Tau, you are a high-ranking super in charge of deploying teams throughout the known and unknown. Outscore your rival(s) before they can claim victory. Earth Tau is an ever evolving playground of in house systems, real world data, and creativity; all curated to develop great stories, new ideas, and new ways to deliver that content. We are also gamers, and felt something was missing in the market.”

see Look out for all new sets and cards to come in the future, plus all of the stories that are behind every single card! That’s a lot of world building that is being done, which you know, means that the creators are taking the game super seriously, so that you enjoy every minute, and in every way!


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