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see url At the heart of our show, we are very much in love with comic books! That means that any time that we can speak with some awesome creators, we are definitely going to make it happen! We have another awesome interview with a creator out of Fanbase Press! Today’s awesome guest is the writer of Ripple Effects, Jordan Hart! “In a world that is no stranger to superheroes, George Gibson is invulnerable to physical harm but fights every day to stay alive.  Suffering from an acute case of type 1 diabetes, his invincibility is offset by a defective pancreas that must be monitored and treated daily.  This incurable disease makes George’s body both his greatest strength and his eternal weakness.  “

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see url What a wild concept that Jordan and his team have come up with! In a crazy twist of fate, George, the titular character is a superhero with invulnerability to harm, BUT is plagued with an invisible illness that he has to deal with every single day of his life, sometimes dealing with multiple issues throughout the day, while George is fighting crime! It’s always more connecting when you can look up to someone who isn’t completely invincible, but is still able to overcome and make the world better! Make sure that you pick this book up from your LCS! SUBSCRIBE: Apple Podcasts | Android Spotify | Pandora | RSS

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