TOTLB S16 Prop Store Collectibles

Stephen Lane is the CEO of Prop Store! This year is Prop Store’s 20th anniversary!! In 1998 Stephen took his love of movies, and turned it into something magical! For those of us that also love movies, and are collectors in our own right, Prop Store is definitely the place to keep your eyes glued to! With offices in London, and LA, and over thirty employee’s, Prop Store has amassed more than 25,000 square feet of props and costumes!

Stephen tells a little bit about his story. Why and how he came about some of the items in his catalog, as well as his love for everything that is “movie.” We speak about some of his more favorite pieces that he wishes he could have in his own personal collection as well. It takes him a full year to get one auction every year, but the amount of items, and the quality of items, makes it something that a collector should definitely take a look at!! The next auction takes place on September 20th, 2018! Some of the highlights of this auction include; Marty McFly’s Hoverboard, Anakin Skylwaker Hero Lightsaber, Jumanji Game board, with the full auction catalog to release on August 30th! If you think you might want to bid on something, go and register!!

Listening to Stephen you can tell that he is a GIANT movie nerd, just like the rest of us! Do not miss out on this interview, and make sure you check out the Prop Store website for more information! The props that were displayed at Comic Con were absolutely stunning, and one/all of them could be yours!!