TOTLB 004 Rob Bruce Special

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Hello once again everyone!! This is our FOURTH episode of the Thinking Outside the Long Box podcast, and probably the most special in all of them!! In this episode, as you can tell by the title, we have the absolute pleasure of interviewing ROB BRUCE from Comic Book Men!! He gives us insight on how he started collecting, what are some of the things that he has collected since then, and of course, his time on TV! Did you know that, not only does Rob appear in front of the camera sometimes on Comic Book Men, but he’s also a producer behind the scenes? You’ll hear him talk about that, and much much more!!
As always, Gabe and Juan talk about their nerdy things as well! Like, who will die next in The Walking Dead. We go over a list of five people (some already dead in real time) who might be the next to get that zombie infection!! In his “old shit” segment, Gabe also tells us why he is so in love with Conan, and about his VAST collection of said title.
In a correction from the last episode, Jon brings back his “old shit” segment, that was accidentally omitted last time. He tells us all about Ray Palmer, and his love for The Atom.
Stay tuned for the next episode when we have a surprise guest recording in the Long Box Cavern with us!!!
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Credit – Jonthan Garnett, Juan Muro, Gabe Llanas