TOTLB 005 Who Let Jon In?

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Hello dedicated Long Box listeners!! This is our fifth episode!!! We have a special guest in the studio helping us record this whole episode!! I promise, you’ll get a kick out of the three hosts finally being able to get together and record!! Gabe tells us about how he is going to go to the Quentin Tarentino Hateful Eight site, and get him to “sign his tits.” Who knows, maybe you’ll see him on your TV soon…….Gabe’s “old shit” takes us to the beginnings of some of the best “supernatural superheroes” in the Rise of the Midnight Sons!! Jon takes us back to the days of Star Wars being with Dark Horse, with the impending move to their new home. Honorable mentions in this episode: Clown Fatale, Mignola doing Frankenstein, direct market vs reader comic books, and much more!!
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Credit – Jonthan Garnett, Juan Muro, Gabe Llanas