TOTLB 019 Sex Inception

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From the murky dungeon that is Hall of Justice Comics & Collectibles, we bring a PACKED 19th episode!!
This episode reaches max velocity, and derails within minutes of the introduction!! Gabe and Jon speak about a phenomenon known as Grapefruiting! I have NO idea how we landed this conversation, but it’s definitely not for the young!! We do actually get to comic book related topics though as well haha!!
We have TWO amazing interviews for this episode!! The first comes from L3P-0 Cosplay and Prop Design!! They are LIVE in the house, which brings a very different dynamic to the table! We learn all about their costumes, and why they choose what they choose, and all of the hard work that goes into their amazing looks!! Their cosplay is amazing, definitely go check it out! In the second interview we speak to writer extraordinaire, Joshua Williamson! He has written Nailbiter, Birthright, Secret Wars, and SO much more. You definitely won’t want to miss this chat, and hear the passion in his voice!
Remember, you can ALWAYS let us know what you think! We can only think of so many things to talk about every other week, and would LOVE to get some feedback and ideas from all of you out there who are listening!! You can send mp3s and email to our email address. Also, join the conversations on our Facebook Page and Twitter Page. Also, if you have good feedback, please leave it for us on iTunes and Stitcher!! That’s one way to help us climb the ranks into podcast glory!!
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Credit – Jonthan Garnett, Juan Muro, Gabe Llanas