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see We always have a TON of fun doing these listener interaction episodes!! Talking over each other, and talking about the most random things, honestly is so much fun, to cap off every recording session! So many fun people all together, especially during times like these! Make sure that you give our episode a listen, and make sure that you have these kinds of people in your lives. That way, when times are lonely, or dark, you can always turn to that one person, and the light, no matter how small, will always be there! 


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https://grannysglasses.com/?p=jpejar1ard Tell us what you think! click here Leave us a voicemail at 970-573-6148 https://templedavid.org/symons/sp31fjj8r8m Send us feedback and/or MP3’s to outsidethelongbox@gmail.com Buy Xanax In China Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube! go Support the podcast on Patreon! https://aaerj.org.br/2024/05/13/mjdlegpf8fx enter Credit – Doyle Daniels, Juan Muro, Gabe Llanas, Tim Huskey



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