TOTLB 265 We Are the Champions

see source Juan Muro We Are The Champions: Season 1. Episode 1, Cheese Rolling. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2020

Buy Xanax London This series is unique, from some of the others that we have covered up to this point. Unique, because there isn’t really an overarching story, and the stories within don’t really have anything to do with each other, aside from that they’re all some sort of competitions. For this episode, we speak about the Rainn Wilson narrated show on Netflix, We Are the Champions. We Are the Champions follows a bunch of unique characters, involved in their own unique worlds. From a dog dancing competition, to yo-yo’s, hair, and the more entertaining cheese roll race, and an ulcer inducing pepper eating competition! I think one thing is clear in all of these competitions. You don’t have to be competing in a “major” sport, in order to find some camaraderie with your fellow human beings. These unique point of the earth, bring together many like minded individuals, who are helping raise each other up. If you have a fun hobby, chances are, that someone else likes it as well! Don’t feel alone!

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