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go We’re diving into a Sylvester Stallone movie, and seeing if this superhero movie is just Stallone in a cape. The running theory is that Stallone essentially plays himself in 99% of the movies that he is featured in. Would this movie be any different? This isn’t his first foray into superhero movies, with his role in Guardians of the Galaxy taking that spot. BUT, Samaritan is his first leading role, and is a bit of a different take than most superhero movies that are out currently.

go to site go site “Thirteen-year-old Sam Cleary suspects that his mysterious and reclusive neighbor, Mr. Smith, is actually a legend hiding in plain sight. Twenty-five years ago, Granite City’s superpowered vigilante, Samaritan, was reported dead after a fiery warehouse battle with his rival, Nemesis. Most believe he perished in the fire, but some, like Sam, have hope that he’s still alive. With crime now on the rise, Sam makes it his mission to coax Samaritan out of hiding to save the city from ruin.”

go to site Like all topics that we speak of, we advocate that you should at least check them out one time. Now, just because Stallone plays himself in every movie he is in, doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. That is something that you’ll have to decide for yourself, but as stated above, this is at least a little bit different than what we’re used to seeing on our screens at this point. Plus, that ending, is not something that we saw happening. While maybe any superhero movie follows a bit of a formula, it definitely strays from that formula to bring in the conclusion!

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