TOTLB 466 Best PCC of 2022

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Every time we get together to record, we take a look back into our past. Whether it’s a TV show, or an older movie, we always want to look into our past in order to reminisce about something. Sometimes those things are good to take a look back at, and sometimes they are exactly the opposite to what we remember. 2022 was chalk full of of these types of subjects!!

Today’s episode is all about taking a look back at the at the times that we took a look back…………. We not only talk about some of the PCC’s that we watched, but we also choose our favorites from that list. No matter if the topic was good, or way more awful than we remember, we always enjoy at least taking a look back and trying to find a spec of what we remember liking from that movie or tv show!! Take a look back into memory lane with us!

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Credit – Doyle Daniels, Juan Muro