TOTLB 465 Best TV of 2022

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We’re back at it again! Still taking the time to wrap up the year 2022!! Trust me, the news of 2023 stuff is coming, but we want to take a few episodes to look back on how 2022 treated us! Aside from the end of the year, it was a pretty good year! For this episode, we’re talking about our favorite TV shows of the year, as well as some runner ups, and we take a look at some lists that have been written online.

There was so much good TV this year, that it honestly was such a hard choice to make! Especially because we had some late contenders in the year, like Wednesday. It’s always something that I think about throughout the year, as it’s happening, and just when you think you have your choices, something comes along in October, or even December, and you have to rethink everything! Hopefully you look back on 2022’s television series with good memories as we do!

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