What does a disgraced clairvoyant do when he’s lost everything but is still having visions that are important to murder cases? Well you find a rookie detective who is willing to take the chance with you, and you let your lucid dreams take over! Midstate, one of Amazon’s Comixology Originals is that story, and it is a super cool and unique one to boot! Like a buddy cop story, with a psychic who has some crazy dreams that help lead the way!

“Award-winning colorist Lee Loughridge (Nostalgia, Batman Adventures) makes his comics writing debut with the series MIDSTATE, a psychological crime thriller starring a disgraced clairvoyant. Featuring interior art and covers by Mack Chater, colors by Lee Loughridge, and lettering and design by Rob Tweedie, MIDSTATE#1 arrives on March 12, 2024, from Amazon’s Comixology Originals exclusive digital content line.

“The idea for MIDSTATE came from a dream I had,” says Loughridge. “It was of a man talking with a corpse. When I asked who he was talking to, he said, “The Devil.” I woke up, wrote it down and got to work.”

In MIDSTATE Paul Rinaldi sees things. When he sleeps, he has what are known as lucid dreams. However, after being falsely accused of fraudulent behavior, he lost his psychic practice and became the laughingstock of the small town of Ft. Arlington, VA. The fact is, Rinaldi is wildly gifted, only furthering his frustrations as a middle-aged, self-proclaimed clairvoyant.

But a string of missing persons cases, coupled with terrifying visions, gives Rinaldi new purpose. In an effort to rebuild his reputation, Rinaldi teams up with the town’s rookie detective, Abigail Dahlin, who is busy chasing down her own leads, in an attempt to solve the cases using his psychic abilities.

When the arrival of a highly esteemed paraplegic doctor sparks suspicion, they set their sights on the mysterious new resident, Dr. Mark Jounce. Together they will either get to the bottom of things or die trying!

“I have been coloring other peoples’ comics stories for nearly 30 years,” Loughridge continued. “In fact, I just learned that I’m the #1 colorist, in terms of volume, in U.S. history! Now I’m taking the leap to writing, and of course, coloring, my very own. It’s been really challenging and exciting, and I hope people enjoy it.””

Credit: Juan Muro, & Alicia Muro