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High Life – Review

High Life

(spoiler free review)

A 2018 film directed by Claire Dennis, starring Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, and Andre (3000) Benjamin. First off as the title might suggest, this sci-fi film has nothing to do with marijuana. Being Dennis’s first science fiction film she along with the cast spent time training at the European Astronaut Centre to prepare for the shooting. This is where any and all praise I might of had for this film ends. The premise of sending convicts on death row, into space, should have created a fair amount of tension and anxiety. WRONG. The entire crew seemingly gets along like a family of teenagers with only a few minor hiccups. This movie does a fantastic job of introducing tons of interesting ideas and plot points during it’s hour and 53 minute run time. However the film fails utterly at elaborating on, or using those ideas and plot points any further after they’re introduced. Coupled with a very convoluted plot and jumping timeline, this movie was almost a headache to watch. This film is basically a french lite version of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Final thoughts: Watch at your own risk. It’s only mildly interesting throughout the entire film. The ending makes so little sense that even in interviews the director, actors and writers sound like they’re just making stuff up.

Sarcastic spoiler free review by: Tim Huskey

Review: Goon #1

GOON #1With the rebirth of Eric Powell’s The Goon on Albatross Funnybooks, we get a return of one of comicdom’s most entertaining characters.  One part period piece, one part horror show the world of The Goon is populated with mobsters, monsters and of course monster mobsters, all of whom are there for The Goon to beat up while cracking wise.  It is the kind of pure entertainment that people have come to expect from Powell and his work.

Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the character Powell is releasing his first original stories in The Goon universe since 2015 when the book was last published by Dark Horse.  Now working on his personal imprint Albatross Funnybooks Powell has said in a press release that he wants to bring to book back to its hilarious over the top roots; “I’m returning to the roots of the series with a heavy emphasis on the weird, twisted humor the book has been known for,” said Powell. “The world around us is dark enough right now. I want to make readers laugh and forget their troubles for a little bit.”  This first issue delivers on that promise.

With The Goon returning to his home town (The Town With No Name) he immediately learns that in spite of his best efforts to rid the city of gangsters and evil creatures the town is still beset by them.  The Goon’s toady, Frankie, starts a list of who they are going to have to beat up and violent hilarity ensues.  There are new threats and old frenimies all throughout this first issue that is off to a roaring start.

With witty dialogue and Powell’s unique brand of amazing art, this is a book that you should be on the lookout for.  If you haven’t read previous iterations of The Goon those are coming out in omnibus form from Albatross Funnybooks as well.  This is the kind of celebration of 20 years that any great comic should have.  A return to what made it great and a promise of more in the future.

The Goon #1 came out at your local comic book shop Wednesday March 13th, 2019.

TOTLB 105 Dark Oxygen

Welcome back to episode 105 everyone!! We finally get to speak about the infamous Bill Maher comments, Stan Lee’s passing, and a bevy of the newest pop culture headlines.

Our #popcultureclassic for this episode was 1997’s, Dark City!! This is one of those movies that we pretty much all agree on, but that we all agree that it is a super weird movie. What is real, what isn’t? What are these beings, and why are they destined to try and wipe everyone’s memories? Would you be the same person, even in a different body? Listen to us talk about this classic from 21 years ago!! We do also have a special guest on, who is absolutely in love with the movie!

Remember, you can ALWAYS let us know what you think! We can only think of so many things to talk about every other week, and would LOVE to get some feedback and ideas from all of you out there who are listening!! You can send mp3s and email to our email address. Also, join the conversations on our Facebook Page and Twitter Page. If you have good feedback, please leave it for us on iTunes and Stitcher!! That’s one way to help us climb the ranks into podcast glory!! You can ALSO leave us voicemail!!! Call the Michael Kuyrk memorial 970-573-6148 and leave us a hilarious message!!! PLUS FOR AS LITTLE AS $1/MONTH you can support us on Patreon!! A lot of cool extras on there for those who support!!

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Credit – Doyle Daniels, Juan Muro, Gabe Llanas

Elseworlds Crossover Part 1

Hey everyone!! The crossover that happens in the DC TV Universe is some of my most fun TV watching time of the year! Last years stepped up in a big way, and I’m excited for what this year will bring us! From the moment that we see The Monitor on the screen, and Earth 90’s The Flash crawling around a battlefield of downed superheros, you’re sucked in. On top of that, we get introduced to John Deegan, who seems to be the secondary villain, and then we don’t see either of them again, until The Monitor makes an appearance towards the end of the episode. I will say that I’m excited for a villain that has the power to shape what is around our heroes, but not necessarily have to interact with them.

Now onto the main bulk of part 1. Oliver waking up and getting a kiss from Iris saying “what if Barry walks in” is funny to us, but helps establish to Oliver and the viewers, that we have no idea what’s going on. The bulk of this episode focuses on that fact. Why have Oliver and Barry been switched, and the rest of the team finally believing that they have indeed been switched. We don’t learn too much about the two big bads of the crossover, instead opting for a throw away villain, AMAZO. Of course the reason is because everyone needs to establish trust between each other, now that Barry and Oliver have been switched, and a throwaway villain helps bring the team together in the end.

Some of my favorite parts of this episode come when Barry & Oliver jump over to Earth 38, to have Kara help them with the situation at hand. Barry & Oliver first meet Superman, and Oliver’s chest puff reaction is hilarious! PLUS, Barry finally gets some “arrow” revenge on Oliver, with some familiarly placed automatic bows!!

For me, one of the most powerful moments of the episode, aside from the time finally pulling it together in the end (of course) was when Cisco finally breached onto Earth 38 and met Superman. Cisco convinces everyone to come back to fight AMAZO, and Kara asks Clark, if he wants to tag along. Cisco, not having ever met Superman of course, asks “who are you” and we get the awesome Superman suit reveal! It was a very cool moment in what could be, in the future, a Justice League that we fans might actually want to see………………….

Overall it was a good start to the event. Of course we don’t really know quite yet what is going on, aside from Oliver and Barry switching places, but of course that’s in the design of a three night Crossover. It was revealed that part 2 will at least partially be in Gotham, with a formal introduction of Batwoman! I’m definitely excited to see the other two parts, and see how this crossover effects Oliver & Barry, personally, as they must try and learn to be like the other, in order for their powers to work correctly!!

Rolled and Told #3 – Lion Forge

Let’s talk about the remarkable resurgence of Dungeons and Dragons over that last couple of years.  With the release of Fifth Edition (AKA 5E), a new D&D clothing line, it’s imagery used in the immensely popular show Strange Things, and issues of a D&D comic from IDW (and a Rick and Morty crossover); the D&D brand has become cool and interesting to the world in general and not just for nerdlingers like myself.  Much in the same way that the D20 system was very open-ended and lent itself to people creating their own worlds and adventures 5E has done a lot of the same things.  We are starting to see a new crop of creative projects that can be used in your personal D&D campaigns.

Enter Rolled and Told, this new line of books from the people at Lion Forge and Quillion.  Rolled and Told is a single adventure wrapped up in a comic book.  By using comic book pages and art to create the framework for an adventure, as well as having maps, adventure hooks and even tips and tricks on how to create better adventures, this foray into the world of comics and Dungeons and Dragons is really pretty brilliant.

Issue 3 revolves around a school names Varacadabara that has lost control of time and space and the monsters that they are hiding inside.  As adventurers, you are tasked with going into the school to rescue the students that are trapped inside.  Time and space shift and warp as you make your way through the school, new creatures confront you and there is plenty of mystery to be solved.  It is a good stand-alone adventure that can be fit into any campaign setting, and as long as you have the core rulebooks for the game you are good to go.

The best part of any supplement like this is that there are new monsters, spells, and concepts that can be spread out through the rest of your campaign to flesh out your world even more.  This 66-page book from Lion Forge is a perfect example of what makes D&D great.  You can create your own worlds and adventures, but when you don’t have the time to make something new for your group there is always something like this that you can lean into and rely on.  So if you are a fan of the old Dungeon magazines, or just have a campaign that needs a little fleshed out:  Rolled and Told is the book for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

There is a time-honored tradition in the Llanas household, and that is the Thanksgiving viewing of the greatest Thanksgiving movie of all time. That, of course, is the 1987 John Hughes film Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

I love my family, my kids and my wife, but as I have talked about on the show a lot of time I’m not extra close to my actual family.  Don’t talk with my mom much, my dad lives out of state, so the holidays are less about the family that I was born into than the family I have made and chosen and in a lot of ways that is what this movie is about.  The family that I have are people that I have chosen to surround myself with.

That is what this movie is about.  The people that come into your life are the people that should be in your life.  Every new friend is a chance to have new family.  So take today and be thankful for the people in your life, you never know how long you have with them.  Take today to do something good for someone in need, you never know when you will meet new family members.  When it is all said sit down, have a good laugh, have some feels, and enjoy Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!


Adi Shankar joins Superman VS Ku Klux Klan

Adi Shankar, the man who produced Castlevania, Bodied, and created Bootleg Universe, has joined forces with PaperChase films, and Marc Rosen, to bring to life, Superman VS Ku Klux Klan. Superman VS the Ku Klu Klan tells the story of how powerful superhero mythology can be, at a time when it seemed easier to turn a blind eye.

“Superheroes operate outside the scope of law and offer us hope that someone will rise up and protect us when government and other institutions cannot or will not. This story shows the power of the superhero mythology and it’s tangible impact on the physical world.” Said Shankar.


“Adi Shankar has long been inspired to fight for just causes; he has successfully taken on the status quo and broken barriers long seen as insurmountable. This story highlights the power of the people against the alarming resurgence of some the darkest chapters of our country’s past. It is as historical as it is timely, as the nation is once again facing challenges to the principles of truth, justice and ‘The American Way’.” Said Rosen.


This will be based on the true life story of Stetson Kennedy. Stetson went undercover to infiltrate the KKK in 1946. With the help of some other powerful organizations, and his undercover information, they were able to bring to light, the cultish nature of the KKK.

The film is currently in development. Casting announcements and more news will be forthcoming.

The Last Kingdom Season Three

Are you ready for the next installment of The Last Kingdom!? Based on Bernard Cornwell’s best selling books of the same name, the series will drop in the US, and the UK on November 19th! And for the first time all ten episode of The Last Kingdom will arrive on Netflix at the same time! That way you can binge through the season, and not have to wait weekly!

The new season will see King Alfred consider his legacy, as his dream of uniting the kingdoms of England is jeopardized by incessant Danish attacks. Alfred knows that the only man with the power to crush the uprising and secure the Wessex dynasty is the great warrior and hero Uhtred, but when their volatile relationship reaches breaking point, Uhtred must confront the difficult truth: if he deserts Alfred’s cause, everything he has fought for will be forever changed.

This awesome new season will also bring in a bevy of new characters, including; Ola Rapace as Danish warrior Bloodhair, Thea Sofie Loch Næss  as the dangerous seer Skade, Timothy Innes as King Alfred’s heir, Edward, and Magnus Bruun as Cnut. Make sure that you tune into Netflix on November 19th, and start watching, what promises to be the best season yet, of The Last Kingdom!!

All NEW Goon!

The Goon was one of the very first comic books that I ever read, when I first started getting into the hobby! It was such a great book. It was hilarious, and Eric Powell killed it on the art! Well fear not, as The Goon makes its return next spring! Eric Powell and his publishing company, Albatross Funnybooks, will be putting out never before published stories! This will be the first time in three years that a new The Goon story will hit the shelves, and it will start the year long, 20th Anniversary celebration! There will be a signing tour, Albatross Funnybooks’ collected editions of classic GOON graphic novels, Goon Tiki Mugs, and much much more!

“The fact that we feel confident bringing the full library of my flagship title over to Albatross going into our third year of expansion fills me with excitement and a new enthusiastic energy for what’s to come,” said Powell. “With Albatross, we focus on making fun, eclectic comics that stand out for their individuality and creative quality, as seen in our lineup of titles like HILLBILLY, SPOOK HOUSE, ‘NAMWOLF, GALAKTKON, GRUMBLE and MEGAGHOST. It’s with this idea of keeping the fun in our Funny Books that we are steering this new GOON series. I’m returning to the roots of the series with a heavy emphasis on the weird, twisted humor the book has been known for. The world around us is dark enough right now. I want to make readers laugh and forget their troubles for a little bit. It definitely feels like it’s time for THE GOON.”

To stay on top of all of the news, make sure you follow Albatross Funnybooks on all their social media platorms – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram


New Comics for October 10th 2018

Man this week is HUGE! Plus this Saturday, October 13th is Walking Dead Day, so make sure you swing by your local comic shop to pick up some black bagged exclusive covers, reprints of issue #1, and some really cool swag to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the comic! Lets get to it!

From DC this week, foil covers continue! Also, Cursed Comics Cavalcade #1 hits the racks! Horror! Death! Uh…Face-punching! Witness ten all-new stories that promise to be the most terrifying, most shocking and most horrific comic that DC Comics has ever published! (Hyperbole much?) Batman, Wonder Woman, Guy Gardner, Swamp Thing, Zatanna and more of your favorite heroes face unspeakable horrors from the streets of Gotham City to the darkest sectors of the universe.

Also from DC this week, Flash #56 hits the rack! Things are about to get hot-very hot!-when Flash has to battle fire monsters generated by his longtime nemesis, Heat Wave. Unfortunately, the pilot light blew out in Mick Rory’s head, because he’s comatose from the effects of the Sage Force! How can the Scarlet Speedster reach his old frenemy and get him to put out the fire monsters? Looks like Commander Cold takes a demotion…so he can pretend to be Captain Cold and talk Heat Wave down!

From Image this week, a new title called Infinite Dark #1 hits the racks! The universe ended, but onboard the void station Orpheus, a skeleton crew of humanity survived: the last two thousand souls, waiting for a second big bang that may never come. Now, two years into their voyage, Security Director Deva Karrell investigates the station’s first murder-and the otherworldly motives behind it.

Also from Image this week, from DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON, the creator of the Eisner-nominated series EXTREMITY, comes MURDER FALCON! The world is under attack by monsters, and Jake’s life is falling apart: no band, no girl, no future… until he meets Murder Falcon. He was sent from The Heavy to destroy all evil, but he can’t do it without Jake shredding up a storm. Now, with every chord Jake plays on his guitar, the power of metal fuels Murder Falcon into all-out kung fu fury on those that seek to conquer Earth.

From Marvel this week, Namor is back in Avengers #9! WORLD WAR BELOW!With the underwater world on the brink of war, the Avengers go aquatic to save the day, but air-breathers are no longer welcome in the undersea city of Atlantis. And Namor, the Sub-Mariner, lord of the seven seas, has a bold new plan that will change the balance of power on Earth forever.

Spider Geddon continues with issue #1 hitting stands this week! REVENGE OF THE SPIDER-VERSE! Back in 2014, SPIDER-VERSE brought every Spider-Man ever together. This event spinning out of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 has Christos Gage and Dan Slott teaming up to destroy them all. The Inheritors have somehow gotten out of their radioactive prison planet and made their way to the Marvel Universe. It’s going to take a whole Spider-Army to keep them from TAKING IT ALL! Starring Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus, Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales, Spider-Woman, the Spider-Man from the anticipated video game and, well, every Spider-Man and Spider-Woman ever, including some brand-new ones! With Jorge Molina on art, the END OF ALL SPIDERS never looked so good!

Star Wars Solo Adaptation #1 (of 7) blasts onto racks this week! FEATURING BACKSTORY AND SCENES NOT SEEN IN THEATERS! After leaving the IMPERIAL NAVY, a young HAN SOLO seeks adventure by joining a gang of galactic mercenaries – including a 196-year-old Wookiee named CHEWBACCA and a notorious gambler named LANDO CALRISSIAN. But there’s more to the story of the galaxy’s most beloved scoundrel than what you saw in theaters. Why does BECKETT trust him? And what is the connection between the woman who stole Han’s heart and one of Han’s closest friends?

Another one-shot kicks off some new What If’s this week with What if? Punisher #1! WITH GREAT POWER…When Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben is ruthlessly killed by a burglar Peter let escape, he vows to never let the same fate befall another innocent bystander. From then on, he stands as a figure of cold retribution. Criminals beware – the guilty caught in this spider’s web will be PUNISHED. But will Parker stand triumphant…or shattered by this twist of fate? The friendly neighborhood takes a different turn in this WHAT IF? adventure, positing a very different sense of responsibility for the man who will be known as THE PUNISHER, as his battles against villains like the GREEN GOBLIN take a new path!

Lastly from Marvel this week, X-Men Black continues with X-Men Black Mojo #1! THE SPINELESS SHOWMAN TAKES CENTER STAGE! That’s right – that most successful producer ever to pack the cross-time airwaves, the man himself, MOJO, has yet another plan in place the boost his ratings at the X-Men’s expense! And I’m sure he would say it’s THE MOST IMPORTANT COMIC BOOK YOU’LL EVER READ! PLUS: Part 2 of X-MEN BLACK: APOCALYPSE!

From AfterShock this week a new sci-fi series makes its debut with The Last Space Race #1! It started as an anomaly. An outlier in the noise that’s so common in astronomical data. But the truth sends the United States-and the world-careening into what will become humanity’s LAST SPACE RACE. Leading the effort for the United States is one man, Sasha Balodis. A fun-loving tech billionaire turned aerospace titan, Sasha’s seemingly perfect life has been gripped by recent trage-dy. Building and launching the most expensive, most ambitious and most important project in history-well, it gives him something to live for again. There’s only one thing standing in his way: his arch-rival and chief aerospace competitor, Roger Freeman.

From Black Mask Comics this week, a new horror title makes its debut with Devil Within #1 (of 4). Paranormal entities. Demonic possessions. Or is it madness? When newly engaged Michelle and Samantha move into an old house, Michelle starts experiencing disturbing events… rogue reflections in mirrors, strange apparitions, and an errie voice only she can hear. Samantha doesn’t believe in ghosts, but the alternative might be even more terrifying in this hauntingly paranoid thriller

Here is your complete list:

Dark Horse

Joe Golem #2 the Drowning City

Quantum Age From the World of Black Hammer #3

She Could Fly #4


Catwoman #4

Cursed Comics Cavalcade #1

Detective Comics #990

Flash #56

Hawkman #5

House of Whispers #2

Plastic Man #5

Red Hood Outlaw #27

Scooby Apocalypse #30

Suicide Squad #47

Supergirl #23

Superman #4

Titans #27

Wildstorm Michael Cray #12

Wonder Woman #56


Dread Gods #4

Impossible Inc #2

Magica De Spell Giant Halloween Hex

My Little Pony Nightmare Knights #1

Star Wars Tales From Vaders Castle #2

Tangled Hair Raising Adventures #1

Transformers Unicron #5


Beauty #24

Birthright #32

Bully Wars #2

Crowded #3

Farmhand #4

Hey Kids Comics #3

Infinite Dark #1

Kick Ass #8

Murder Falcon #1

Oblivion Song #8

Outpost Zero #4

Rose #13

Sleepless #8

Unnatural #4

Walking Dead #1 Blind Bag

Walking Dead #2 Blind Bag

Walking Dead #7 Blind Bag

Walking Dead #19 Blind Bag

Walking Dead #27 Blind Bag

Walking Dead #48 Blind Bag

Walking Dead #53 Blind Bag

Walking Dead #92 Blind Bag

Walking Dead #98 Blind Bag

Walking Dead #100 Blind Bag

Walking Dead #108 Blind Bag

Walking Dead #127 Blind Bag

Walking Dead #132 Blind Bag

Walking Dead #167 Blind Bag

Walking Dead #171 Blind Bag

Weatherman #5


Amazing Spider Man #7

Avengers #9

Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider #25

Captain America #4

Domino #7

Exiles #9

Iceman #2

Immortal Hulk #7

Infinity Wars #4

Ms Marvel #35

Spider Geddon #1

Spider Man Deadpool #40

Star Wars Solo Adaptation #1

True Believers What If Doom Had Become a Hero #1

True Believers What If Spider Man Had Rescued Gwen Stacy #1

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #37

Venom #7

What If? Punisher #1

X-23 #5

X-Men Black Mojo #1

Action Lab

Dollface #16

Zombie Tramp Ongoing #53

AfterShock Comics

Animostity #16

Hot Lunch Special #3

Last Space Race #1

Moth & Whisper #2

Ahoy Comics

Wrong Earth #2

Albatross Funnybooks

Spookhouse 2 #2

Amigo Comics

Apocalypse Girl #4

Phantasmagoria #1

Archie Comics

Archies Halloween Spectacular #1

Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #267

Jughead the Hunger #9

Aspen MLT

Artifact One #1

Black Mask Comics

Black AF Widows & Orphans #3

Devil Within #1

Oh Shit Its Kim & Kim #3

We Are Danger #3

Wilds #5

Boom! Studios

Adventure Time Season 11 #1

Amory Wars Good Apollo #12

Go Go Power Rangers #13

Ruinworld #4

Dynamite Entertainment

Game of Thrones Clash of Kings #13

Project Superpowers #3

Red Sonja Tarzan #5

Drawn & Quarterly

Fielder #1

Lion Forge

Catalyst Prime Astonisher #11

Voltron Legendary Defender Vol 3 #4

Mad Cave Studios

Midnight Task Force #4

Oni Press

Shadow Roads #4

Rebellion Developments

Dredd Final Judgement #1

Sniper Elite Resistance #2

Titan Comics

Deadlife #2

Elric White Wolf #2

Newbury & Hobbes #2

Robotech #13

Shades of Magic #1

United Plankton Pictures

Spongebob Comics #85

Vailiant Entertainment

Ninja-K #12


Black Knight #1

Grimm Fairy Tales #21