From S3 E7 – The Belly of the Beast

Images Courtesy of MGM Plus

NOW is the time to catch up, if you are not caught up on the MGM Plus series, From! Listen, the simple name does make it a little hard to search for anything about it, BUT, it is 1000% worth all of the research that you’re going to do, and all of the catching up that you’re going to do if you are not caught up! I’m here to talk about episode seven, from season two, Belly of the Beast!!

If you’re new to From, it tells the story of a group of stranded strangers. Everyone has arrived to a mysterious town, and never been able to leave. They’re all stuck in this creepy town, with vampires/monsters that come out every night. Season one is a must watch to fill yourself into the lore of the show, but there are relics that keep everyone safe at night. Season two expounds on this lore.

Belly of the Beast, starts off right after episode six. Boyd thinks that he’s found what might be the kryptonite that they need to destroy these monsters, and it came from the worms that were inside of his body. The morning after Boyd killed the monster, the team has to decide what to do with the body. Kenny, under the circumstances that he’s in, decides that he wants nothing to do with the body, and wants to burn it, while the rest of the crew decide that they want to examine it. I mean, this is their time to MAYBE find their secret weapon against the damn vampires! This is MAYBE, arguably, the MVP storyline of the episode. Aside from some kickass shots of the innards of the vampires, which turn out to be former humans, the team is able to extract bile, which gives them some hope for the future. But, with no real way to create a weapon, there is much to think about for the future! 

Fatima knows that she is pregnant, and struggles with the idea of what to do with the information. She tells a lot of the people who live in the town, but struggles with how to tell Ellis, especially after he’s recovering from the stabbing of the previous episode! Ellis is all smiles once he knows the news, and hopefully this prompts them to finally pull the trigger on their marriage, which we thought was already happening!!

That brings us to Randall and Jim. Now, Jim is just a conspiracy theorist who has been through a lot of stuff, and who genuinely seems like he’s looking out for his family, and looking for a real way to get out of the town. He thinks that they have all been placed into this town, just for the enjoyment of some random strangers, who have been watching them. Randall on the other hand, seems like a conniving child with a chip on his shoulder, and something to hide. Randall is definitely using Jim’s conspiracy theories, in order to try and lead some kind of uprising against the leaders of the village, like Boyd and Donna. They’re doing everything they can to try and use a drone in order to fix the antenna in order to communicate with whomever is watching them.

There are some other smaller plotlines that seem to have a larger effect in the future episodes, but these are the big stories for this episode. This episode was really good, and did a lot to pay off the monster stories from the previous episode. While still great, and still worth the watch, it definitely had started to lull in the last few episodes. From is at it’s best while it focuses on the monsters, and the overall creepiness that comes from the town! This episode, and the next, do a great job of carrying that torch!! Make sure you’re checking out these new episodes every Sunday, AND be on the lookout for our interview with Pegah Ghafoori tomorrow 6/5!!