Image Subject to Copyright. All Rights Reserved to Original Owner. Hey yo Internet peoples and TOTLB fans…Is fans the right word? I mean you are here, and some of you listen and consume our content so I guess you enjoy the sauce at the very least! Doyle here to bring you a new and overdue comic book review. Not of this comic book specifically because it isn’t even out yet! In fact we got that inside scoop, early bird special if you will, TOTLB be front of the line content consumers over here. Official Emails were sent and received! 😊 😊😊 I’m sure nobody else was even asked to review this early; surely the buck stops here for Buy Alprazolam From Canada SOLO The Survivors of Chaos 2 pre release review content and opinions. And so with such monumental responsibility and the crushing weight of this comic franchise literally perched upon the unshakable shoulders of the TOTLB name and reputation I bring you… Finally the review of Solo The Survivors of Chaos 2  the second graphic novel installment in the series by Oscar Martin

follow site DO NOT READ THIS COMIC… well not yet anyway, I know this is a weird way to start out a review but I am trying to save you the confusion I felt when going  over this comic for the first time. Don’t get me wrong the artwork is beautiful and the world building  feels very large and capable of not only telling  this story but many others from many different perspectives as well, and as the story of SOLO progresses and we see more of the world he lives in I did really grow to feel a connection to this landscape of apocalyptic fantasy that Oscar Martin has created and I am more than willing to count myself as new fan and future reader. In Fact this comic does one of my favorite things in adding extra not necessarily connected content to help draw you into the world they are trying to create. The extra character and species development go along way for me in growing excitement for whatever is to come next. Addressing my earlier caution in telling you the reader to NOT READ THIS COMIC, I am specifically addressing those who like me are not familiar with the series as of yet. This book is honestly great once you have context and borderline impossible to connect with if you are

source link hoping on new to the work. In fact, the story really wasn’t doing anything for me and with each new page I was finding myself more and more uninterested in the story overall. The choices that the main characters were making self-projected emotionally wasteland the main character finds himself struggling though just wasn’t connecting to me at all. The story starts off too fast and jumps into deep waters quickly, and I must be honest and say that I struggled to understand the content and motivations I was reading on the page. That being said I did however love the artwork and world enough to buy the first graphic novel on Comixology. That is when SOLO really started speaking to me in the way I believe Oscar Martin designed it to. Seeing our main character growing up, leaving his family, and developing emotionally and physically in such a harsh environment . One that sculpted him into the person/rat that he is breathes real life into this comic. We can all relate to overreacting from a place of insecurity or not knowing how to accept unfamiliar stability in certain situations. Those first few comic books in The Survivors of Chaos comic line really give you that more than surface level connection to the characters that in my opinion you really need to truly appreciate this book on a more than visual level anyway.

Buy Diazepam Glasgow Well on that note DO READ THIS COMIC, just do yourself a favor and get the first graphic novel!!! I did have to buy it on Amazon which auto connects it to your Comixology if you have them connected. For some reason I could not find the English version by searching in Comixology itself, I might just be inept though but if you are having that issue as well the English version is purchasable through Amazon.

go here REVIEW OVER… I mean I don’t have much more to say really, well not without spoiling parts of the comic, and I really don’t want to do that to you. IF you love Post-Apocalyptic Worlds, Action, Adventure, or High Fantasy stories then this latest addition from Titan Comics Is something I think you will really enjoy.

enter I feel like I’m ending this short, but the content of this comic is the journey really and as I said before I don’t want to spoil that for you.