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After running down a list of Mel Gibson movies, this might be one that is least known about. Most people that watch this, or have watched this, generally think of it with positive thoughts, but I’m not sure many people would even remember it was made! We’re talking about the Gibson film, Payback!

“Porter (Mel Gibson) is a thief betrayed by both his wife, Lynn (Deborah Kara Unger), and his partner, Val (Gregg Henry), when he is shot in the back after a heist. Slowly, Porter recovers from his wounds and begins a search for Val, intent on recovering his share of the money they stole together. With the aid of prostitute Rosie (Maria Bello), Porter captures Val but still cannot find his cash. For this, Porter will have to challenge an imposing crime syndicate called the Outfit.”

This movie is less about revenge, and more about Gibson’s character trying to get what he thinks was rightfully his. Now, most people in this movie think that what he wants is absurd for them, for a bunch of rich people. He’s seeking his cut of a job, which is $70,000, and there are many jokes throughout the whole movie concerning how little amount of money this really is. It’s definitely not the best Mel Gibson movie, BUT it IS worth watching!

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