TOTLB S118 A.J. Simmons

Images Courtesy of MGM+

Rolling on with amazing coverage for a show that both Doyle, and I absolutely love, today! We are coming at you with another awesome interview today, from one of our favorite shows on MGM+, From! If you’re not watching the show, From, you are definitely missing out on a very cool vampire/monster/lost TV show!! This has all of the making of what is, and will continue to be a great monster and mystery show!! Today we are talking with one of the breakout actors of this season, A.J. Simmons!!

“A.J. Simmons as Randall (season 2), a volatile man who is quick to anger and one of the bus passengers”

A.J.’s character Randall is someone who doesn’t trust very easily, but does seem to anger very easily. Randall was a passenger on the bus that entered at the very beginning of season 2, and is new to the “From” universe this season. With all that being said, he is definitely one of the more interesting new characters! Check out this awesome interview with A.J., and make sure that you go catch up if you haven’t already!!

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Credit – Doyle Daniels, Juan Muro, Alicia Muro