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All the way from sunny California, our San Diego Comic Con adventure begins with an awesome interview about a pretty unique graphic novel. We were able to snag some time from writer and creator, Nicholas Tana, about his graphic novel, EJUNKY!

“Hector Holmes, a bored, thrill-seeking Experience Junky (eJunky for short), takes a dose of a new alternative reality drug known as Torch which causes him to experience the memory of a train wreck that took place hundreds of years ago from the perspective of a long-deceased passenger. The dosage lands him in the hospital where he is approached by a special task force of the World Corporation Organization (W.C.O.) to investigate The Guardians of Pain, the cult behind the new drug who may also be responsible for Hector’s brother’s untimely death.”

What initially intrigued us about this book, was the time travel aspect. And not just time travel, even though we’re huge fans of that genre, this takes a very unique approach to the timeless subject. Being able to time travel because of a new drug named “torch” in which you get to experience others’ memories is super unique and a bunch of fun!!

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Credit – Doyle Daniels, Juan Muro, Alicia Muro