TOTLB S93 Fabrizio Guido

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We’re back with another, special, interview episode!! In one of our upcoming episodes, we will be speaking about the Netflix series, Mr. Iglesias. It’s a family friendly sitcom, dealing with different types of troubled youth, as students in Woodrow Wilson High School. Today’s interviewee, is one of those students, named Mikey Gutierrez.

Mikey is portrayed by the super talented actor, Fabrizio Guido! You might remember Fabrizio from his roles in World War Z, Welcome to the Family, Con La Misma Moneda, and more!! Fabrizio is absolutely hilarious in Mr. Iglesias! He really owns the role of Mikey, from talking about his characters childhood, to his love life with Marisol, or trying to figure out what he wants to do with his future, with his mentor Gabriel. 

In the interview we Fabrizio talks about some of his inspirations within the show, as well as the support system that he has built at home. We talk a little bit about how Mr. Iglesias has stretched further than your typical sitcom fan, and how they can continue to do that in future seasons!! Fabrizio is a stand up guy, will definitely keep growing as an actor, and I’m sure we’ll be writing about him more and more in the future! 

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