TOTLB 028 Nothing Comes to Mind

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Straight from Gabe’s basement, the three of us bring you magic, in this 28th episode of the Thinking Outside the Long Box Podcast. We interview three amazing people, and get to listen to Jon while he readies the Hall of Justice!!
While Jon is busy bagging and boarding THOUSANDS of back issue comic books, Gabe and Juan get to enjoy the sultry cooking of Mel, from Gabe’s basement! All of your favorite TV shows, movies, and comic books are back with a BANG!! When the three of us get together, anything can happen, and you’ll never think of the song Scatman, the same again!!
Aside from the awesome conversation with each other, we also have three amazing interviews!! The first interview comes from Alex Paknadel, the writer of BOOM! Studios’ Arcadia! This interview is so different from most of the interviews we do, and that is a good thing!! Not only do we talk about BOOM! and Arcadia, but we also find out a lot about Alex’ views of the whole world in general, especially when it comes to technology. We find out that Alex is a soon to be father, and what gross things he’s most afraid of!
Interview number two, is joining us for a second time, after having been interviewed for our Fort Collins Comic Con episode. Kaai, of Nerd 2 Go Magazine, joins us at the podcast table, metaphorically…….This magazine sounds absolutely amazing!! It doesn’t focus on only one aspect of nerd culture, and this is what makes it great!! You’ll get an inside look at comic books, cosplay, table top games, and so much more!! The first issue will hit in January, and we will definitely be one of the first to ensure we read it!! Plus, maybe look for us in the magazine in the future!
Our last interview is with Russ Lippitt. He is the brainchild, and writer, behind The Showdown! It is an amazing mix of cars, and horror! Why are all of these famous monsters holding races in Hell? The only way to know that amazing answer, is to make sure you go check out this book! Trust me, you won’t want to miss out on all the antics that go down in the inferno!!
Remember, you can ALWAYS let us know what you think! We can only think of so many things to talk about every other week, and would LOVE to get some feedback and ideas from all of you out there who are listening!! You can send mp3s and email to our email address. Also, join the conversations on our Facebook Page and Twitter Page. Also, if you have good feedback, please leave it for us on iTunes and Stitcher!! That’s one way to help us climb the ranks into podcast glory!!
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