TOTLB 310 Jupiter’s Legacy

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go to link Our next subject can be a little heavy at times, and a little slower at times. It has those times where we’re really rooting for the good guys, and times where we really think the good guys are pieces of crap! This is the story of a family who has gone through a VERY rough time in their lives, with their business going down in shambles, and the suicide death of their father. We are of course talking about the hit Netflix series, Jupiter’s Legacy which spawned from the comic book of the same name

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click here When we first meet this family, we meet them as tried and true superheroes, who are going after bad guys. But the more and more that you peel back the layers, through the use of the flashbacks, we realize that they WERE once a group of really good people, but the world that they live in, has changed so much, that they aren’t really sure if they’re on the same side of the change, as they used to be. It’s a very similar tale as always. Do the good guys stay good, and refuse to kill anybody, or do they move along with the times, and do what they need to do in order to ensure the safety of their family and friends?

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