TOTLB S97 Andy Weir

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We are BACK at it, with another awesome interview episode! If you’re looking for a an interviewee with a some giant brains, Andy is definitely going to be someone you want to listen to!! We are talking to Andy Weir about his novel, Project Hail Mary, which you can buy right now! 

“The only hope for humanity rests with Dr. Ryland Grace — if only he could remember his mission. Andy Weir, the bestselling author of  The Martian, delivers another perfect science-based thriller with Project Hail Mary, a tale of impending catastrophe, survival and interstellar adventure.”

If the past is ANY indication of the awesome content that Andy writes, Project Hail Mary is guaranteed to be a success! It’s coming from the mind of the creator of the hit book, later adapted to a movie, The Martian! We spoke to Andy, not only about Project Hail Mary, but also about The Martian, and of course, about space itself! Make sure that you give the interview a listen, and then to check out Project Hail Mary, it doesn’t disappoint!

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