TOTLB 397 Interview with the Vampire

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source url Do you need a lesson in acting with a little bit of supernatural thrown in? Well today we have that exact movie for you to watch, and hear our thoughts about! We’re going back to 1994, almost thirty years ago, in order to revisit a few high profile actors in Interview with the Vampire! enter site go here “Born as an 18th-century lord, Louis is now a bicentennial vampire, telling his story to an eager biographer. Suicidal after the death of his family, he meets Lestat, a vampire who persuades him to choose immortality over death and become his companion. Eventually, gentle Louis resolves to leave his violent maker, but Lestat guilts him into staying by turning a young girl — whose addition to the “family” breeds even more conflict.”

get link With Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, Kirsten Dunst, Christian Slater, and more, how do you go wrong? Now, keep in mind that this movie is definitely not the action packed vampire movie that you might be used to at this point in our lives, it is still a lesson in how to be tame with the supernatural and STILL make a good movie! Go watch the movie and see if you agree, and better yet, go read the books that this movie was based off of, The Vampire Chonicles!

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