TOTLB 404 Ashin of the North

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Our team seems to really like the projects that are coming out of South Korea. They have really nailed some great television lately, and we’re excited for all of it. One of the projects was a zombie series titled Kingdom. It such a unique take on the zombie genre, that sometimes can feel played out at this point. For today’s episode, we’re talking about a Ashin of the North, which serves as a prequel to the series, in the form of a film.

“Kingdom: Ashin of the North explores the backstory of Ashin, the mysterious heir of the Northern Seongjeoyain tribe village, and the origin of the resurrection plant that triggered an unprecedented cascade of tragic events that swept through the Kingdom of Joseon.”

At the end of the second season of Kingdom we are introduced to a female character, whom up to that point had not been introduced. This is her story. This is the telling of what happened to her as a child, and how she got thrown into this universe. I think, no matter how we did or didn’t feel about this film, we’re excited to see where this franchise goes in the future. 

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