TOTLB S109 Dacia Arnold

Dacia M. Arnold

It’s been a while since we had an interview on the show!! I think that it’s about time to break that streak! What better way to break that streak than to have a returning guest of the show!! For today’s interview episode we are once again speaking to Dacia M. Arnold!! We spoke with Dacia a few years ago during Comic Con in Denver Colorado about her book, Apparent Power. A lot of things have occurred since that time, and we reconnected in order to speak to her about her newest book, Dirty Bombs!

“Army Staff Sergeant MIRANDA ST CLAIRE faces a new enemy on her outpost in Southern Iraq: Zombies. Will she obey her General Order and quarantine at the combat support hospital surrounded by the walking dead? Or will she face a court martial in order to survive?”

Dirty Bombs is a dystopian zombie story, with a kickass female lead! Dacia talks about what kind of lead she decided to have her main character represent, and why she decided to set it in a zombie dystopian universe. We do of course speak a little bit about her previous stories, AND we talk about her time as an author’s coach! Doyle is going to be taking one of her lesson’s and will be reporting back to us all about that. For now, take Doyle’s advice, and go check out Dirty Bombs! 

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Credit – Doyle Daniels, Juan Muro