TOTLB 428 The Closet

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source It’s comic book time!! We try our best to take a trip back to our roots every once in a while, and this episode takes us back to those roots, talking about the comic book from Image Comics, The Closet! Cheap Generic Xanax Online “The story centers around Thom’s family moving to Portland and his insistence to Jamie that the monster in his old closet will not be in his new closet. The metaphor for the usually mistaken idea that a change in location resolves personal and family problems are obvious.”

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here Written by James Tynion IV, and art by Gavin Fullerton, this is a story about a broken family! A married couple on the brink of getting a divorce decide that starting anew in a different state might help fix their relationship. Adding to the mess, their only child is having a recurring nightmare about a monster in his closet, while he deals with the breaking down of his mother and father. Is there really a monster following him through the country? Is this just a manifestation of what is going on in the broken home? It’s a three issue mini-series, so you should definitely give it a chance, and go pick it up at your local comic book shop!

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