TOTLB S115 Max Comix & Robot Monster Island

Doyle has been doing a lot of deep dives into the comic book buying world. One of those deep dives took him to a buying platform called WhatNot! If you are a comic book buyer, and like to buy more than just what is coming out every week in modern comics, you need to check out this platform!! 

From that platform Doyle has met some very fun people, as well as some very honorable sellers! To tell us more about their path, not only on WhatNot, but just in general, we invited a couple of awesome sellers to talk about their journey. Today, we interview Max Comix & Robot Monster Island! Once you listen to the genuine’ness in their voices, make sure you give WhatNot a chance, and go check out what they’re selling. Maybe you’ll find something that you fall in love with! 

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Credit – Doyle Daniels, Juan Muro