TOTLB 475 Vox Machina S2

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We are here to talk about a series so nice, we had to talk about it twice! The Legend of Vox Machina is a mixture of a bunch of different genres, and a bunch of different emotions. The reason for this is because it plays exactly like a game of Dungeons & Dragons. You have your serious moments, and a lot of light hearted moments mixed in with a ton of fantasy elements! We’re here to talk about the second season of this fun show!

“In Season 2, after saving the realm from evil and destruction at the hands of the most terrifying power couple in Exandria, Vox Machina is faced with saving the world once again – this time, from a sinister group of dragons known as the Chroma Conclave.”

The Chroma Conclave adds another great element to an already fun series! The team has saved the world once, and it’s time for them to do it again. This time though, it’s from a group of dragons. Would cooler way to add more fantasy than a group of dragons!! Plus all of the funny shenanigan’s that comes with this team filled with so many different people! We recommend that you watch everything that we talk about, and form your own opinion, but in this case I’m telling you, you NEED to watch this show!

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Credit – Doyle Daniels, Juan Muro