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Here we are, you thought we were done with our coverage of the Amazon Prime Video movie, The Vast of Night! BUT, with a movie so good, we had to try and speak with everyone that we could, in order to understand this awesome movie, and team more!! To that end, we bring you another very fun interview from one of the principle actors!!

Today, we release our chat that we had with Sierra McCormick! Sierra plays the female lead, Fay Corker! Fay works as the local switchboard operator in their town, with hopes to be a disc jockey like her friend Everett! With hopes of being more than a local DJ, Fay learns everything that she can about the profession, when they’re thrown into an adventure of a lifetime! It turns out, that while there is a Basketball game going on that includes almost the whole town, Fay & Everett discover a signal, seemingly coming from outer space. This movie has some of the best dialogue of the year, and has almost 0 aliens, for being an “alien” movie. If, after all our interviews, you still have NOT watched this movie, you must watch it first, and then come listen to Sierra talk! This team sounds like they made a great bond while filming! 

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Credit – Doyle Daniels, Juan Muro, Gabe Llanas, Tim Huskey