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follow Have you ever wondered how we, as a society, know as much as we do, about how bodies decompose? How do we know what bodies will do, once they’re subject to different conditions? Well, you need to do a little bit more research about a little something that they call, a body farm. A body farm is literally a location that is full of dead bodies, that are decaying, in different conditions! You feel that little bit of creepy, crawling down your spine? Well, we spoke to two gentleman, who took this concept, and turned it into a horror movie! We were able to speak with the creators, of this creepy horror movie, Brandon Keenan & Nick LaMantia! These two gentleman, took an already creepy concept, added a prison, and the horror genre too it, and they had a hit on their hands!! They spoke to us about the process of making the movie, where they got the idea from, and where we might go for what we hope, is the sequel! Check out Gabe’s review, and then go find the movie and give it a watch! It’s definitely worth a tune in!

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