Godzilla himself seems to be a mainstay in the media. Whether we’re talking about toys, video games, or new movies, Godzilla always has something come down the pipeline! 2023 is no different, with the upcoming release of Godzilla Minus One, in December!! In anticipation of the release of the film, during New York Comic Con we were invited to the Japan Society for a screening of Godzilla ’54 in 35mm. 

“In the film, Japan’s authorities deal with the sudden appearance of a giant monster, whose attacks trigger fears of nuclear holocaust during post-war Japan.”

The Japan Society is absolutely gorgeous! The Japan Society “is the premier organization connecting Japanese arts, culture, business, and society with audiences in New York and the world.” Walking through the halls you can instantly tell that the Japan Society takes it arts and culture very seriously, and is one of the most welcoming organizations I’ve experienced in a while! If you’re in New York and interested in Japanese culture, make sure that you swing by and see what they have to offer!!

Until then, make sure that you celebrate Godzilla day in early November, and get your Godzilla Minus One tickets now, to check Godzilla out in all his glory at the theater!!

Credit: Juan Muro, & Alicia Muro