here Hello everyone!! It’s been brought to our attention that there have been some weird rumors (April fools jokes) going on about Denver Comic Con. I won’t further disseminate the rumor, but we thought it’d be a good time to at least bring up the topic. go to link go No matter what Comic Con you’re going to attend, there are ALWAYS rumors!
  • Guests – There are ALWAYS rumors that comic cons purposefully announce guests, knowing that they either don’t have them secured yet, or that they will cancel. Things change, there are ALWAYS going to be cancellations. Conventions take into account that these guests are busy people, and that plans might change for them in the future. Try not to go to a comic con, for just one guest, or one thing. You may buy your ticket, and things may change. Remember that “celebrities” are always taking new jobs, or schedules are always changing. It’s the nature of what they do.
  • Bans – Each comic con has their own policy guide on what is acceptable and what isn’t acceptable to bring into the convention center. Just in the last couple of years there have been MANY changes to these policies because of what is going on in the world. In this case, there are actually rules written down, or posted somewhere. If someone tells you that something is banned, before you start attacking the event, do some research, and look it up. Is it just a rumor that someone started? Did you reach out to the event to see if it was true?

follow Those are just a couple of the weird rumors that we hear throughout the year, about our favorite shows! At the end of the day, make sure that you’re smart about things. If it didn’t come from the event page, or someone associated with it, do you think it’s legit? Don’t believe the propaganda just because someone wrote about it, or someone posted it somewhere! Reach out to the people who you know are actually involved, or find the “contact us” email on the convention website. follow site And remember to always have fun!