Denver Comic Con Kickoff!

Hello everyone!!! Denver Comic Con officially kicked off for Thinking Outside the Longbox tonight!! We spent the night with a friend of the show, and AMAZING artist, Frankie Serna! His art is being displayed at the Delectable Egg on Market Street in Denver Colorado, and it is absolutely amazing!!!


What makes his art even more amazing are the beautiful frames that they are being displayed inside of!! Collect 2 Display is killing it in the frame market! They are designing frames that you will seek out in order to enhance the art you are hanging!! Check out the frames, and GO check them out at Denver Comic Con!!


We also spoke to the genius behind Stickslate backpacks!! Didn’t get any pictures, sorry!! But these backpacks have interchangeable art on the back, are sturdy, and weather proof, and look amazing! With every backpack purchase over the weekend you get a DCC exclusive print, AND if you pre-order the NEW backpack, you also get the older style!!
It was a great night, and thanks to Dayna, and Tim who came out to record with us!! Come hit us up at booth 1255 with Hall of Justice Comics and Collectibles the rest of the weekend!!