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Tribute To Stan Lee Event

Breaking news coming from our friends at Legion M! Legion M, Kevin Smith, and Agents of Mayhem, in partnership with Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment, announced today “Excelsior! A Celebration of the Amazing, Fantastic, Incredible & Uncanny Life of Stan Lee.” This event is a tribute to the life and career of the great Stan Lee! This will be a time for Stan’s friends to memorialize one of the greatest storytellers of all-time, and benefit one of Stan’s favorite charities: The Hero Initiative.

There will be only a limited amount of tickets for sale, for this event! The tickets officially went on sale TODAY 1/9/19 at 6pm MST. You can purchase your tickets at – https://legionm.com/stantribute. All of the net proceeds of the ticket sales will go to The Hero Initiative! Amazingly, The Hero Initiative is a charity. The money that they receive, goes to help comic book creators, artists, and writers in need!

The tribute event on Wednesday, January 30, will begin with a public appreciation of Stan’s life and work at Hollywood’s iconic TCL Chinese Theatre forecourt that will feature fan-favorite speakers, an art exhibit celebrating Stan’s legacy by famed pop-culture artist Rob Prior, select costumes and props from Stan’s cameos and creations, a musical performance and a special moment of remembrance centered around Stan Lee’s hand and foot imprint. After a red carpet arrival of guests, the evening will proceed with a private tribute inside the IMAX Theatre hosted by one of Stan’s biggest fans, Kevin Smith.

Kevin will moderate conversations with celebrity speakers from the entertainment industry such as Mark Hamill, Rob Liefeld (Co-Creator of Deadpool), Michael Uslan (Executive Producer, “The Dark Knight”), Vincent D’Onofrio, RZA, and Tom DeSanto (Producer, “X-Men,” “Transformers” franchise) among others who will share their favorite memories and personal stories of Stan.  The evening will be rounded off with video tributes and live performances of Stan’s favorite music and poetry.

The tribute event is being produced by fan-owned entertainment company Legion M, which is revolutionizing the way entertainment is made in Hollywood by uniting a growing fan community of 50,000+ members, including more than 10,000 fan-owners. In addition to producing film and television projects, Legion M organized Stan Lee’s hand and foot imprint ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre in 2017. Legion M is producing the tribute with the production and consulting company Agents of Mayhem whose founder Darren Passarello worked for Stan for several years.

Both companies are working in close partnership with Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment, the multimedia company founded in 2001 by the iconic comic book creator Stan Lee with his friend and business partner Gill Champion, who is the company’s president. Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment is the sole owner of the Stan Lee name and all new original content he created since 2001. Under the leadership of CEO Scott D. Williams and Gill Champion, the company has been and will continue to be the guardian of Stan Lee’s legacy and is excited to roll out new projects and new adventures Stan had been working on. On behalf of Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment, Chief Marketing Officer Bob Sabouni will be overseeing and guiding the tribute day alongside the other event partners.

Scott D. Williams, CEO of Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment said, “We are honored for this chance for Stan’s fans and friends to come together in a celebration of his remarkable life. Despite his passing, Stan’s name, work and legacy will continue to flourish and be revealed to the world. We are committed to honor Stan’s extraordinary life and work.”  

 Gill Champion, Stan Lee’s partner and confidante for over 18 years, said, “Stan was a unique and unforgettable human being, truly adored worldwide. He loved coming to work and creating endless new ideas and stories and in spite of his genius he was a relatable and kind man that his admirers could relate to with ease. He will be dearly missed and his legacy will live on now and for many more generations to come.”

Producer of the event David Baxter, VP Development at Legion M, writes, “Stan Lee played a major cameo in all the lives of the fans he loved, be it through his writing, his acting or his personal interactions.  We feel this tribute is a perfect opportunity for Stan’s beloved fans to unite with celebrities and friends of Stan to give the man the grand sendoff he deserves.”

Agents of Mayhem founder Darren Passarello, who got his start in entertainment from Stan and is also co-producing the event added, “Stan saw the good and the potential in everyone he met, and he never hesitated to help them if he could.  It is not only an esteemed privilege but a personal honor to be a part of this tribute.”

The head of The Hero Initiative Jim McLauchlin knew Stan for decades and said, “Stan believed in the ‘golden rule,’ and always went out of his way to make time for others and make their day just a little bit better. I think this tribute is absolutely in that spirit, and a great chance for fans to get together, share their love for Stan, and find strength in that.”

Producers of the tribute event plan to announce additional details for the event soon via social media feeds. Details of specific speakers, performers and other activities will be shared on the social channels for Kevin Smith, Legion M, Agents of Mayhem, and Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment. (@TheRealStanLee, @ThatKevinSmith, @LegionMofficial, @AgentsofMayhem).

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

“An Instant Classic. This is Star Wars at it’s best!”
-Albie TOTLB.com
The Last Jedi is visually stunning. It’s very well written and directed by Rian Johnson (Looper 2012). The action only slows to give you time to think and grieve when needed. With a running time of  
Spoilers Below…
When walking out of the theater after hearing the John Williams score over the credits, there was a lot to process. Character Arcs have begun, others have progressed and a big one has ended. Rey was still the star of the film, but this episode belongs to Mark Hamill.
The people and Droids we love are back. C-3PO and R2 have their moments, including a touching one with Luke, but BB-8 is the one that kicks some serious ass. I think BB-9E was there just to add to merchandise maybe, we’ll see how important he is to the universe later perhaps, so I’m giving that a pass.
It was odd to see Chewie without Han although he was given more than I thought he would be this time out, including a message about veganism perhaps, but done in the cutest of ways. The Porgs are super cute, needed comic relief and the only reason my 5-year-old daughter wants to see the film.

Finn is the anchor of the film, the piece that ties everything together, and also has his bit of adventure and, shall we say sparks with Rose Tico, played by the amazing breakout star Kelly Marie Tran. A Lower Decks type that gets pulled into the main action and is integral to the survival of the Rebels. I wasn’t expecting her arc to go the way it did, but I was so satisfied as it unfolded.  

Leia’s exit in the film combined with the real-life loss of Carrie Fisher had a lump in my throat, and tears on my face early on. It was a moment of gravitas that we were waiting for and dreading at the same time. The force is strong with her.  I was glad to see that there was no computer generated Leia this time, to my knowledge anyway, I was fooled with CGI Tarkin in Rogue One. It will be interesting how the loss will be dealt with in the next film.
Rey and Kylo Ren’s story was absolutely a middle, which is a thing that can normally hurt a part two in a trilogy, but they were given enough development, action, and twists that at one point make you want to stand and yell “Fuck Yeah!”
All I can say is Ben is a liar, he lied to Rey and I expect it to come out in Episode IX. Rey (Daisy Ridleygives this movie the heart it needs to make it more than the sum of its parts.  She has strength, beauty, and grace, a role model for us all to aspire to. Job well done.

Oscar Isaac‘s Poe shows this time out what can happen when you act without having all the information one needs. His arc, along with Finn and Rose, is integral to the if/than this of the bigger plot of the Rebellion vs The Empire, and how they may not be so different at all. This story in some ways is a mirror to our current interesting times of would-be dictators putting their ego and wants ahead of the needs of their people (cough, Supreme Leader Snoke, cough, Pussy Grabber). I have given a lot of crap to Star Wars for being hand-wavy fantasy, but the allegory here has earned, for me at least, it’s placed alongside the best Science Fiction. 

Even More Spoilers Below…
For Real…

The completion of Luke’s arc was extremely satisfying and unexpected. Just the thought of us as a people experiencing this character’s life in real time, a boy in 1977, who lived in our homes and our hearts for the past four decades has come to the end of his life in much the same way as Obi-Wan did, really makes you think. For me the writing of Luke’s ending and Star Wars: The Last Jedi as a whole by Rian Johnson and the performance by Mark Hamill (Oscar material) was done so well it gives me a greater understanding of cyclical nature of life, the need for it to be so, and hope that we may all, in our own way, make a difference.
5/5 Stars

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