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New Comics for October 3rd 2018

Welcome to October! It’s the first week of the month and man is it a doozey! Lots of great books this week so lets hop right in and get to our new book rundown! PLUS DC FOILS!!!

From Boom! Studios this week, Sparrowhawk #1 (of 5) lands on shelves and is touted as “Teen Victorian Fairy Fight Club”! As the illegitimate daughter of a Naval Captain, Artemesia has never fit in with her fatherfs family, nor the high class world to which they belong. However, when she is targeted by the Faerie Queen and pulled into another realm, she has no choice but to try and save the world that has always hated her.

From Dark Horse this week, Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba’s Umbrella Academy is BACK! Faced with an increasing number of lunatics with superpowers eager to face off with his own wunderkind brood, Sir Reginald Hargreeves developed the ultimate solution …Now, just a few years after Hargreeves’s death, his Umbrella Academy is scattered. Number Five is a hired gun, Kraken is stalking big game, Rumor is dealing with the wreckage of her marriage, a rotund Spaceboy runs around the streets of Tokyo, Vanya continues her physical therapy after being shot in the head-and no one wants to even mention Seance until issue #2.

From DC this week, Green Arrow #45 flies onto shelves and is a Heroes in Crisis Tie In! Oliver Queen is forced to take a hard look at himself and evaluate his methods after he fails one too many times trying to do the right thing. It’s a dark, depressing stroll down memory lane for the Emerald Archer, as Oliver must come to grips with how he’s hurt the people around him. This issue guest-stars members of the Justice League and the Titans, but are they there to console Ollie…or condemn him?

Also from DC this week, Nightwing #50! “Knight Terrors” begins here! The big issue #50 kicks off an epic four-part story that brings together critical moments of fear and doubt from the past and the present. A young Dick Grayson hopes to escape the shadow of the Bat and earn the title of Nightwing, while an older Dick Grayson must deal with a blow he did not see coming. A common enemy unites the timelines: the Scarecrow, as you’ve never seen him before! This story goes deep into the mythology and nightmarish development of Dr. Jonathan Crane.

Lastly from DC this week, Wonder Woman & Justice League Dark Witching Hour #1 is just in time for Halloween, it’s “The Witching Hour,” a five-part weekly event that will rewrite the future of DC’s magical heroes! Hecate, the witch-goddess of magic, always knew a day would come when the monsters she stole her magic from would return. Now she must activate the Witchmarked, humans within whom she secreted vast stores of power. And the most powerful of the Witchmarked? Wonder Woman!

From IDW this week, Batman the Maxx #1 (of 5) makes its debut! Batman must face the strangest and most bizarre adventure of his career, as he meets comics’ strangest and most bizarre hero… THE MAXX! IDW and DC Comics proudly present the most surreal, quirky, and wonderful crossover of all time! A devious new doctor at Arkham Asylum is conducting unconventional experiments into the human psyche, and he kicks off a chain reaction of disaster when he experiments on Arkham’s newest patient, The Maxx! The city of Gotham is starting to merge with The Maxx’s psychedelic mental landscape, known as the Outback, blurring the line between real and unreal. It’s up to Batman to save not just Gotham, but all of reality, and he and The Maxx are going to have to travel through some of the darkest places imaginable-the twisted minds of Batman’s greatest enemies!

Also from IDW this week, Star Wars Tales from Vaders Castle #1 squeezes onto shelves! Tales from Vader’s Castle puts a spooky spin on your favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away…This exciting weekly series explores the hidden corners of the Star Wars universe and features Rebels stars Hear, Kanan, and Chopper; Obi-Wan Kenobi and Count Dooku; Han Solo and Chewbacca; the Ewoks; and of course, Darth Vader -all under the shadow of Vader’s Castle! Fans will be excited to discover these creepy stories by fan-favorite writer Cavan Scott with art by the greatest talent from across the galaxy, including Derek Charm, Kelley Jones, Chris Fenoglio, Corin Howell, Robert Hack, and Charles Paul Wilson III!

Lastly from IDW this week, the first of a series of one-shots spotlighting each of the individual Turtles crawls up from the sewers and onto shelves. TMNT returns to its roots with new spotlights on individual Turtles, but this time they’re extra-large! Donatello understands that more is at stake than his brothers realize. In order to prepare for the coming conflict, Don will aim to repair his relationship with his mentor Harold… and his malicious robotic counterpart Metalhead! The new “Macros” will set up each individual Turtle for the climactic storyline leading to TMNT #100!

From Image this week, a new title called Blackbird #1 by Sam Humphries and Jen Bartel. In this neo-noir fantasy, Nina Rodriguez is positive that a secret magic world ruled by ruthless cabals is hiding just beneath the veneer of Los Angeles. The problem: everyone thinks she’s crazy. The bigger problem: she’s not crazy – she’s right. Can she unravel the mystery before the Great Beast catches up with her?

Also from Image this week, Dead Rabbit #1 by Gerry Duggan and John McCrea! Back in the ’90s, DEAD RABBIT was a prolific Boston stick-up man and hoodlum, until he took down one last big score and disappeared. Nobody ever discovered the truth: he retired to be with the love of his life. Now he’s back in the mask to save her, but no one-not his wife, the mafia, or the cops-is happy that he’s out of retirement.

It’s a big week for Image new series, and add to that Errand Boys #1 (of 5). In the future, if you can’t find a decent job, you run errands-the dangerous, often illegal kind. 30-year-old Jace Lopaz is a hard-worn scoundrel and a lifelong solo act-until he’s saddled with his 13-year-old half-brother Tawnk full-time. Now Jace has two mouths to feed while evading the law, running from aliens, and jumping off skyscrapers. The only thing weirder than the vastness of space is family.

Lastly from Image this week, new series Jook Joint #1 (of 5 ) hits the racks. Mahalia runs the hottest spot in all of 1950s New Orleans. The Jook Joint keeps the jazz popping, people bopping… and the women? The women are to die for. There’s only one rule: “Keep your hands to yourself.” But some men think rules don’t apply to them, and Mahalia and her coven of slain women enjoy reminding them that they most certainly do.

It’s a big week for Marvel too! First off, The Shatterstar Mini-series debuts with issue #1 (of 5). A gladiator, a warrior, a hero…the man called Shatterstar has been many things, but one thing he’s always been is deadly. He’s not a man you want to cross or you’ll learn that fact all too well. Walk back into the darkness with Shatterstar.

Doc Ock makes his return in Superior Octopus #1 as part of the Spider-Geddon tie in! Doc Ock has set up shop as San Francisco’s protector, but you won’t believe his methods. Some of Otto Octavius’s new super hero strategies may make Spider-Man regret letting him free, but the good doctor swears that he’s the SUPERIOR OCTOPUS!

Another one-shot kicks off some new What If’s this week with What If Spider Man #1! What if Peter Parker wasn’t the one bitten by the radioactive spider? What if the person who got bit was someone who didn’t live by the mantra of “with great power comes great responsibility”? What if that person was an egotistical bully who was only interested in taking care of himself? What if…FLASH THOMPSON became Spider-Man?

Lastly from Marvel this week, X-Men Black begins with Magneto #1! MAGNETO IS BACK! …and so is Chris Claremont! For years, Magneto has done everything he can to achieve his goals for mutant domination. But now Magneto has declared that enough is enough. So what revolutionary plan does Magneto have that will change the face of mutantkind? And will anyone be able to stop him? Will anyone want to? PLUS: Includes Part 1 of X-MEN BLACK: APOCALYPSE the back up story by Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler, and Geraldo Borge.

From AfterShock this week a new horror series debuts called Lollipop Kids #1! When immigrants came to the new world they didn’t only bring their hopes and dreams, they also brought their MONSTERS. Years ago, early settlers locked these monsters away in a secret prison deep in the woods of New Amsterdam so that they would never return to the Old World again. Those woods have since become Central Park and now the monsters have escaped! Nick, a 14-year-old Harlem resident, finds out that he is a “legacy” to a secret society that for the last 400 years has kept monsters in check. Now Nick and a ragtag group of kids just like him have to put the monsters back before they get out of the park and destroy the city.

Here is your complete list:

Boom! Studios

Giant Days #43

Jim Henson Beneath Dark Crystal #3

Sparrowhawk #1

Steven Universe Harmony #3

WWE #21

Dark Horse

Death Orb #1

Tomb Raider Inferno #4

Umbrella Academy Hotel Oblivion #1

War Bears #2


Adventures of the Super Sons #3

Batman #56

Batman Blank Comic #1

Border Town #2

Curse of Brimstone #7

Deathstroke #36

Dreaming #2

Green Arrow #45

Green Lanterns #56

Harley Quinn #51

Injustice 2 #35

Justice League #9

Nightwing #50

Superman Blank Comic #1

Unexpected #5

United States Vs Murder Inc #2

Wonder Woman & Justice League Dark #1

Wonder Woman Blank Comic #1


Barbarella #10

Battlestar Galactica Classic #0

James Bond Origin #2

Lone Ranger Vol 3 #1

Rainbow Brite #1


Batman The Maxx #1

Black Crown Quarterly #4

Ducktales #13

House Amok #2

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #71

Star Wars Tales from Vaders Castle #1

TMNT Macroseries #1

Transformers Bumblebee Movie Prequel #4


Blackbird #1

Dead Rabbit #1

Die Die Die #3

Eclipse #11

Errand Boys #1

Jook Joint #1

Last Seige #5

Magic Order #4

New Lieutenants of Metal #4

Paper Girls #25

Paradiso #8

Redlands #7

Spawn #290

Thief of Thieves #41

Walking Dead #184


Asgardians of the Galaxy #2

Champions #25

Cosmic Ghost Rider #4

Deadpool #5

Death of Inhumans #4

Doctor Strange #6

Infinity Wars Sleepwalker #1

Shatterstar #1

Star Wars #55

Superior Octopus #1

Tony Stark Iron Man #4

Typhoid Fever Spider Man #1

Weapon H #8

What If? Spider Man #1

X-Men Black Magneto #1

AfterShock Comics

Lollipop Kids #1

Walk Through Hell #5

Albatross Funnybooks

Spookhouse 2 #1

American Mythology Productions

Pellucidar #1

Zorro Swords of Hell #1

Amryl Entertainment

Cavewoman Marshvilles Beauties #1

Antarctic Press

Barack Panther #1

Gold Digger Halloween Super Special 2018

Mobster Graveyard #1

William the Last #1

Archie Comics

Archie #699

Archie and Me Comics Digest #11

Avatar Press

Uber Invasion #16

Boundless Comics

Belladonna Fire Fury #9

Full Moon Features

Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe #3

Heavy Metal Magazine

Taarna #3

Lion Forge

Catalyst Prime Noble #12

Cellies #5

Oni Press

Kim Reaper Vampire Island #2


Ancient Dreams #8

Southern Nightgown #7

Scout Comics

Obliv18N #2

Titan Comics

Dark Souls Age of Fire #4

Raid #3

Tank Girls All Stars #4

Vault Comics

Deep Roots #4

These Savage Shores #1

Waxwork Comics

Poser #2


Ripley’s Believe it or Not #1

New Comics for September 20th 2017

New Comics Release for 9/20/17

Another big week hits this week with lots of
new offerings, and don’t forget about Batman/Harley Quinn day this Saturday, September 23rd! There are 3 comics available for free at participating stores along with masks and lots of other funs festivities to be sure to check it out! Lets jump right in shall we?
From DC, this week, Metal keeps engaging
readers with 2 new books this week! First is Nightwing #29, the second part in
the Gotham Resistance story arc! One vanquished foe
gives way to another, even worse threat as this crucial tie-in to DC’s METAL
continues! Hopelessly lost in a kingdom of snow and ice, our heroes are set
upon by Mr. Freeze and his fearsome frost giants from the Dark Multiverse! But
help arrives in the form of an at once foreign and familiar Dick Grayson. Also out this week is the first of the
Evil-Batman one-shots, Batman The Red Death #1 written by Josh Williamson with
art by Carmine Di Giandomenico!
From IDW this week, a new take on
Samurai Jack hits the stands with Quantum Jack #1! A ruthless biker gang
ambushes a royal envoy. The name of their leader? SAMURAI JACK! From the team
that brought you HELENA CRASH comes an all-new take on the legendary wandering
samurai that is completely different and yet surprisingly familiar! Wait, what?

From Image this week, two new series debut,
the first being Angelic! Written by Si Spurrier with art by Caspar Wijgaard,
this all ages title takes place long after humanity is gone. Its memory lingers
only as misunderstood rituals among mankinds leftovers: the genetically
modified animals they used and abused for eons.
Also from Image this week is the debut of Gasolina by Sean Mackiewicz
and Niko Walter. In their journey south
from El Norte, Amalia and Randy have played many roles in order to survive.
Now, they must become unlikely leaders in the fight against a new cartel who
uses inhuman tactics to ignite the most monstrous war Mexico – and the world –
has ever seen.
From Marvel this week, Totally Awseome Hulk
#23 hits shelves. Written by Greg Pak with art by Ibraim Roberson. Return of
the monster sees Amadeus working to rebuild his fun-loving demeanor after the
Weapon X programs macabre experiments nearly pushed him to the brink.

From AfterShock this
week, Dark Ark #1 makes its debut voyage. Written by Cullen Bunn with art by
Juan Doe. The wickedness of mankind has moved the Creator to destroy the world
by way of the flood. Noah has been tasked with building an ark to save his
family and the animals of the world. But this is not Noah’s story. For darker
powers have commanded the sorcerer Shrae to build his own ark and save the
unnatural creatures of the world-such as the vampires, the dragons, the naga,
and the manticore. But what will happen on a vessel crawling with monsters,
where insidious intrigue and horrific violence are the rule of law?

From Valiant this
week, Bloodshot Salvation #1 hits the racks written by Jeff Lemire with art by
Lewis LaRosa and Mico Suayan. A bloody and vengeful new era for Bloodshot
begins as Ray Garrison escapes his violent past to build the one thing he never
thought he’d earn: a family. But when a hateful secret from his true love’s
past threatens their fragile peace, Bloodshot will be forced to run headlong
into a barrage of blood, bullets, and broken bones for a revenge-fueled assault
that will have crushing consequences for those he holds most dear…

Here is your complete list:

Hammer #13
Dept H
Rise of Atriox #2
The Red Death #1
Bug the
Adventures of Forager #4
Carson has a Cybernetic Eye #12
Quest Presents #2
Arrow #31
Lanterns #31
Quinn #28
2 #10
League #29
Sons #8
Storm #7
Woman Conan #1
GI Joe
First Strike #1
Past Danger 2 Dead to Reichs #1
Wrath of Karza #5
Jack Quantum Jack #1
Trek Boldly Go #11
Wars Adventures #2
Planet Triple Feature #4
Gone #3
Fame Game #1
Scouts Magic Socks #5
Lopper #7
the Minotaur #4
Annual 2017
Bear Fighter #4
Love #8
All New
Guardians of the Galaxy #10
Spider Man Renew Your Vows #11
Strange #25
Ms Marvel & Ms Marvel #1
Iron Man #11
Grey #7
to Star Wars the Last Jedi Captain Phasma #2
Cage #5
Unleashed #6
Parker Spectacular Spider Man #4
Men 2 #3
Wars Annual #3
Wars Poe Dameron #19
Awesome Hulk #23
Avengers #10
Gold #12
Action Lab
Runaway Nun #1
Tramp Ongoing #39
Sherlock #4
Eyed Kids #14
Ark #1
Grail #1
of Animosity #1
Alterna Comics
Wreck #3
Age #3
Dark #3
Crypt #1
American Gothic Press
Chicago #3
Amigo Comics
of Daemons #3
Amryl Entertainment
It’s a Girls Life #1
Archie Comics
Funhouse Comics Double Digest #28
Aspen MLT
All New
Fathom #8
Bongo Comics
Treehouse of Horror #23
Boom Studios
Time Comics #15
Trouble in Little China Old Man Jack #1
& Ted Save the Universe #4
Go Go
Power Rangers #3
City #5
the Garden Wall 2017 Special #1
Coffin Comics
Muerta Vengeance #1
Dynamite Entertainment
Game of
Thrones Clash of Kings #4
Bond Kill Chain #3
Instinct #1
Mouse #4
Brown Red Rising #5
Woman 77 Bionic Woman #6
Joe Books Inc
Princess #13
Lion Forge
Prime Superb #3
Oni Press
Dominion Season 2 #2
Space Goat Publishing
Valiant Entertainment
Salvation #1
Weapons #4
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