“First” Dune Film Wraps Production

Brian Herbert, son of legendary science fiction author Frank Herbert, posted on Twitter that the “first” Dune film had wrapped production in Budapest. One of the great takeaways from this tweet is that this will be the first of the Dune films indicating that at least a second film is in the works.

With a series as complex and lengthy as the Dune novels are it would make sense to give them the time and respect, they deserve as films. As well as becoming a film series, there is also a show in the works, Dune: The Sisterhood, which looks to have a well put together production and writing team. A show focused on the world of the Bene Gesserit is an intriguing idea that is well suited for the small screen.

It would seem that the franchise is in good hands with Herbert at its core. Though his books were not as well-received parts of the Dune canon, he does have an enormous amount of respect for the world that his father created. Dune is a monumental achievement in science fiction literature, and if treated correctly this film and television franchise has the potential to surpass even Star Wars or Star Trek. There is a lot to look forward to with the coming of Dune!