Self Made Hero Releases Fall Schedule

UK publisher Self Made Hero has made a name for themselves with releasing books that are more on par with Fantagraphics or Humanoids. Thought-provoking books that push the envelopes of creativity, style and narrative and their upcoming slate of books that are coming out in the fall is no exception.

“Typography confronts us everywhere: in books and newspapers, on road signs, in product packaging, and on political leaflets. It is ubiquitous to the point of mundanity. But while the typeface might be secondary to the message, it remains crucial to the way we respond. Fonts spark emotions; they evoke eras and ideologies. Some, like Edward Johnson’s for the London Underground, have become iconic. Others, like Comic Sans, are loathed. Each one has its own place in history.” In David Rault‘s book, ABC of Typography, he goes through, “3500 years of type…from Sumerian pictographs through, Roman calligraphy to Gutenberg, the Bauhaus and beyond.”

These graphic takes on historical ideas are fascinating and a great way to learn something new in an entertaining way. Releasing in September this book is right around the corner.

One of my favorite books of all time Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita is getting the graphic novel treatment at the hands of Andrzej Klimowski, and Danusia Schejbal. This novel written between 1928 and 1940 didn’t see a release until the ’60’s after the author’s death. Considered one of the great works of 20th-century Russian literature the novel tells the tale of the Devil coming to Moscow, ” accompanied by a bizarre band of acolytes: a witch, an assassin, and a talking cat. Together, they systematically wreak havoc in the Russian capital. Caught up in the chaos are two lovers: the Master, a writer broken by criticisms of his novel about Pontius Pilate, and Margarita, for whom the Devil has his own plans.”

All at once about love, rebellion, and Soviet bureaucracy this is a wonderful and entertaining novel that contains the kind of imagery that begs for graphic adaptation. Releasing in November this is going to be high on my Christmas wishlist.

Finally one of the most confounding and entertaining comic book series is making its return. In his books, The Motherless Oven and The Can Opener’s Daughter, writer and artist Rob Davis created what is quite possibly the most fascinatingly oblique worlds in recent comic book memory. In his latest offering in the series, The Book of Forks, we are promised answers to all the questions the first two books present:

With The Book of Forks, Rob Davis completes his fiercely original trilogy by stepping inside Castro’s disintegrating mind, to reveal the truth about the history of the world, the meaning of existence and the purpose of kitchen scales. 

Self Made Hero

The Book of Forks will be making its debut in October at the Lakes Comic Art Festival. This is one to really look out for.

This is just a sampling of what Self Made Hero has in store for us this fall. Be sure to go to their site and check out the rest of what they have on offer, including, Rembrant by Typex, Mikel by Mark Bellido and Judith Vanistendael, and Mozart in Paris by Frantz Duchazeau.