TOTLB 430 SDCC 2022

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It’s been three really long years before there was a full version of San Diego Comic Con!! There was a special event held last year, but it just wasn’t the same. If you’ve never been to any San Diego Comic Con, you definitely need to make the trip! It’s not as hard as everyone thinks it is, in order to get a key, you just have to be persistent!!

But, during this episode, we talk about what it was like for me to visit SDCC for the first time, covering the show, by myself. I’ve done that before as an attendee, but this was the first time having to cover it by myself. This comic con is SO unique, in that the whole city of San Diego takes the con super serious. Restaurants dress themselves up, there are parties everywhere, and you’re just engulfed in the show!! We also talk about some of the news that came out of the show!


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Credit – Doyle Daniels, Juan Muro